Biodiversity Loss : Economic and Ecological Issues (Reprint)

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Biodiversity Loss : Economic and Ecological Issues (Reprint)

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1995. Reports the findings of the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss.

Full Description

This volume reports key findings of the Biodiversity Program of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' Beijer Institute. The program brought together a number of eminent ecologists and economists to consider the nature and significance of the biodiversity problem. In encouraging collaborative work between these closely related disciplines it sought to shed new light on the concept of diversity; the implications of biological diversity for the functioning of ecosystems; the driving forces behind biodiversity loss; and the options for promoting biodiversity conservation. The results of the program are surprising. It is shown that the core of the biodiversity problem is a loss of ecosystem resilience and the insurance it provides against the uncertain environmental effects of economic and population growth. This is as much a local as a global problem, implying that biodiversity conservation offers benefits that are as much local as global. The solutions as well as the causes of biodiversity loss lie in incentives to local users.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Framing the problem of
biodiversity loss C. Perrings, K.-G. Maler, C.
Folke, C. S. Holling and B. O. Jansson
Part I. Conceptualising Diversity and Ecosystem
Functions: 1.1. Diversity functions M.Weitzman
1.2. Biodiversity in the functioning of
ecosystems C. S. Holling, D. W. Schindler, B.
W. Walker, and J. Roughgarden
1.3. Scale and biodiversity in coastal and
estuarine ecosystems R. Constanza, M. Kemp, and
W. Boynton
Part II. Integrating Ecology and Economics in
the Analysis of Biodiversity Loss: 2.1. Wetland
valuation: three case studies R. K. Turner, C.
Folke, I. M. Gren and I. Bateman
2.2. An ecological economy: notes on harvest
and growth G. Brown and J. Roughgarden
2.3. Biodiversity loss and the economics of
discontinuous change in semi-arid rangelands C.
Perrings and B. W. Walker
Part III. The Economic Issues: 3.1. Economic
growth and the environment K.-G. Maler
3.2. The international regulation of
biodiversity decline T. Swanson
3.3. Policies to control tropical deforestation
E. B. Barbier and M. Rauscher
3.4. On biodiversity conservation S. Barrett
Part IV. Conclusions: 4.1. Unanswered questions
C. Perrings, K.-G. Maler, C. Folke, C. S.
Holling and B. O. Jansson