General Relativity and Gravitation, 1989 : Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation University of Colora

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General Relativity and Gravitation, 1989 : Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation University of Colora

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Full Description

This volume contains the proceedings of the 12th triannual International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, the premier conference for presentation and discussion of new ideas in relativity and cosmology. The volume contains invited talks in addition to short reports on the parallel workshops that took place at the meeting. It is essential reading for all research workers in relativity, cosmology and astrophysics.

Table of Contents

Part I. Classical Relativity and Gravitation
Theory: 1. Global properties of exact solutions
H. Friedrich
2. Numerical relativity T. Nakamura
3. How fast can a pulsar spin? J. L. Friedman
4. Colliding waves in general relativity V.
Part II. Relativistic Astrophysics, Early
Universe, and Classical Cosmology
5. Observations of cosmic microwave radiation
R. B. Partridge
6. Cosmic microwave background radiation
(theory) M. Panek
7. Inflation and quantum cosmology A. D. Linde
8. Observations of lensing B. Fort
9. Gravitational lenses: theory and
interpretation R. Blandford
Part III. Experimental Gravitation and
Gravitational Waves
10. Solar system tests of GR: recent results
and present plans I. Shapiro
11. Laser interferometer detectors R. Weiss
12. Resonant bar gravitational wave experiments
G. Pizzella
13. A non-inverse square law tests E. Adelberger
Part IV. Quantum Gravity, Superstrings, Quantum
14. Cosmic strings B. Unruh
15. String theory as a quantum theory of
gravity G. Horowitz
16. Progress in quantum cosmology J. B. Hartle
17. Self-duality, quantum gravity, Wilson loops
and all that A. V. Ashtekar
Part V. Summary Talk
18. GR-12 Conference summary J. Ehlers II
Part VI. Reports on Workshops/Symposia
19. Exact solutions and exact properties of
Einstein equations V. Moncrieff
20. Spinors, twistors and complex methods N.
21. Alternative gravity theories M. Francaviglia
22. Asymptotia, singularities and global
structure B. G. Schmidt
23. Radiative spacetimes and approximation
methods T. Damour
24. Algebraic computing M. MacCallum
25. Numerical relativity J. Centrella
26. Mathematical cosmology J. Wainwright
27. The early universe M. Turner
28. Relativistic astrophysics M. Abramowitz
29. Astrophysical and observational cosmology
B. Carr
30. Solar system and pulsar tests of
gravitation R. Hellings
31. Earth-based gravitational experiments J.
32. Resonant bar and microwave gravitational
wave experiments W. Fairbanks
33. Laser gravitational wave experiments J.
34. Theories of quantum gravity I (superstring
theory) C. Aragone
35. New Hamiltonian variables L. Smolin
36. Quantum cosmology and baby universes L.
37. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime J.
38. Theories of quantum gravity II (other than
superstring theory) A. Komar.