Proton Conductors : Solids, Membranes and Gels-Materials and Devices (Chemistry of Solid State Materials)


Proton Conductors : Solids, Membranes and Gels-Materials and Devices (Chemistry of Solid State Materials)

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Full Description

Protonic conduction in liquid electrolytes is commonplace but is relatively rare in solids. There is much interest worldwide in proton conducting solids, both from the scientific aspect, as materials with novel properties, but also for their possible applications in high-density solid-state batteries, sensors and other electrochemical devices. This book gives a comprehensive review of proton conductors, including theory, techniques, the materials themselves and applications.

Table of Contents

Part I. The Hydrogen Bond and Protonic Species:
1. The proton mobility in solids and molten
2. Protonic species and their structures
3. Proton conductors: classification and
4. Defects, non-stoichiometry and phase
5. Structural studies of proton conductors: the
technical difficulties
6. Hydrogen in metals
Part II. Materials: Elaboration, Structures and
Properties: 7. Structure and characterization
of hydrogen insertion compounds of metal oxides
8. High temperature protonic conductors
9. Highly ionic hydroxides
10. Ice
11. Anhydrous materials
12. Hydrogen behaviour in graphite-nitric acid
intercalation compound
13. Proton-containing ß
and ß
" alumina structure type compounds
14. Proton conduction in Zeolites
15. Proton containing NASICON phases
B. Layer hydrates
16. Phosphates and phosphonates of tetravalent
17. Hydrogen uranyl phosphate (HUP) and related
18. From crystalline to amorphous (particle)
19. Perfluorinated membranes
20. Mixed inorganic-organic polymers
Part III. Proton Dynamics and Charge Transport:
21. Incoherent neutron scattering studies of
protons conductors
22. NMR studies of local motions in fast
protonic conductors
23. Vibrational spectroscopy of proton
24. Raman spectroscopic studies of proton
25. Frequency dependent conductivity, microwave
dielectric relaxation and proton dynamics
26. Measuring the true proton conductivity
27. DC techniques and combination techniques
28. NMR in macroscopic proton mobility in gels
and porous media
Part IV. Proton Diffusion Mechanisms: 29.
Mobility in hydrogen-containing oxide bronzes
30. Conductivity mechanisms and models in
anhydrous protonic conductors
31. Conduction mechanisms in materials with
volatile molecules
Part V. Devices: 32. Applications of
perfluorinated proton conductors
33. Synthesis principals of polycrystalline
H30+ and NH4+ß

"Al203 and potential application in steam
34. Fuel-cells, steam electrolysis for hydrogen
production and hydrogen separation using high
temperature protonic conductors
35. Ice-based devices
36. Solid-state gas sensors operating at room
37. All solid-state protonic batteries
38. Applications of proton conductors in
electrochromic devices (ECD)
39. Supercapacitors and interfacial charge
accumulation devices