Readings in Social Research Methods (3TH)

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Readings in Social Research Methods (3TH)

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Full Description

This reader is designed to accompany any main text in research methods or be used as a stand-alone reader. It has been closely patterned on the range core methodologies of the social research methods course and provides illustrations of those methods. The articles describe real world applications and research and show students how research is conducted and reported.a

Table of Contents

Preface                                            x
PART I An Introduction to Inquiry
Here We Go! Get Ready to Find Out Why You 1 (16)
Should Learn About Research Methods
From The Sociological Imagination 7 (4)
C. Wright Mills
The Reality of Everyday Life 11 (6)
Peter Berger
Thomas Luckmann
Research and Theory: They Go Hand in Hand 17 (24)
School Tracking and Student Violence 23 (10)
Lissa J. Yogan
Murder Followed by Suicide in Australia, 33 (8)
1973-1992: A Research Note
Jo Barnes
Ethics: You Must Have Ethics in Life and 41 (20)
Especially in Research
Taking Names: The Ethics of Indirect 47 (8)
Recruitment in Research on Sexual Networks
Lewis H. Margolis
The Ethics of Conducting Social-Science 55 (3)
Research on the Internet
James C. Hamilton
Code of Ethics 58 (3)
PART II The Structuring of Inquiry
Research Design: Now It's Time to Plan 61 (21)
Public Assistance Receipt Among 66 (8)
Immigrants and Natives: How the Unit of
Analysis Affects Research Findings
Jennifer Van Hook
Jennifer E. Glick
Frank D. Bean
Consequences of Participating in a 74 (8)
Longitudinal Study of Marriage
Joseph Veroff
Shirley Hatchett
Elizabeth Douvan
Conceptualization and Operationalization: 82 (16)
We Have to Explain What We Are Studying
An Epidemiological Survey on the Presence 86 (5)
of Toxic Chemicals in Soaps and Cosmetics
Used by Adolescent Female Students from a
Nigerian University
Ifeyinwa Flossy Obuekwe
Mabel Ochei Uche
M. Pharm
Conceptualization of Terrorism 91 (7)
Jack P. Gibbs
Indexes and Scales: Now We Get to Measure 98 (19)
It All!
A Study of Differences in Business 103(8)
Ethical Values in Mainland China, the
U.S., and Jamaica
Lillian Y. Fok
Sandra J. Hartman
Kern Kwong
The Reverse Social Distance Scale 111(6)
Motoko Y. Lee
Stephen G. Sapp
Melvin C. Ray
Sampling Made Easy 117(21)
Sex in America 123(7)
Robert T. Michael
John H. Gagnon
Edward O. Laumann
Gina Kolata
The Eurowinter Project: The Use of 130(8)
Market/Social Research Methods in an
International Scientific Study
Colin McDonald
PART III Methods of Observation
Experimental and Survey Research: Putting 138(25)
It All Together
Prepaid Monetary Incentives and Data 144(7)
Quality in Face-to-Face Interviews: Data
from the 1996 Survey of Income and
Program Participation Incentive Experiment
Michael Davern
Todd H. Rockwood
Randy Sherrod
Stephen Campbell
Sex in America---The Sex Survey 151(6)
Robert T. Michael
John H. Gagnon
Edward O. Laumann
Gina Kolata
The Internet and Opinion Measurement: 157(6)
Surveying Marginalized Populations
Nadine S. Koch
Jolly A. Emrey
Field Research and Unobtrusive Measures: 163(28)
Fun in the Field
Comparisons Between Thai Adolescent 169(7)
Voices and Thai Adolescent Health
Vipavee Thongpriwan
Beverly J. McElmurry
Amateur Stripping and Gaming Encounters: 176(9)
Fun in Games or Gaming as Fun?
Julie Ann Harms Cannon
Thomas C. Calhoun
Rhonda Fisher
Thinking Through the Heart 185(6)
Ann Goetting
Existing Data and Evaluation Research: 191(22)
Let's Find Out What Works
What Sociologists Do and Where They Do 194(8)
It: The NSF Survey on Sociologists' Work
Activities and Workplaces
Robert J. Dotzler
Ross Koppel
Professors Who Make the Grade: (Factors 202(11)
That Affect Students' Grades of
Vicky L. Seiler
Michael J. Seiler
APPENDIX: Writing and Reading a Research Paper 213(14)
Construction of Masculinity: A Look into 222(5)
the Lives of Heterosexual Male
Diane Kholos Wysocki
Glossary 227(4)
Index 231