Biogeochemistry of Small Catchments : A Tool for Environmental Research (Scope)

Biogeochemistry of Small Catchments : A Tool for Environmental Research (Scope)

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Full Description

Small catchments provide attractive opportunities for biogeochemical research, as they encompass a number of interacting components: atmosphere and vegetation, plants and soils, bedrock and groundwater, surface waters and surrounding land, in an easily recognizable natural topographic boundary. This text presents data gathered from northern temperate regions, with a special chapter on studies in tropical countries. The main focus is on the fluxes of chemical elements both across the boundary of the catchment and within the catchment itself. The wide array of processes covered makes it a valuable tool for understanding the mechanisms of natural biogeochemical processes and their modification by human activity.


Small catchment research; hydrology; atmospheric chemical input to small catchments; weathering and soil erosion aspects of small catchment research; soil and soil solution chemistry; biological processes and catchment studies; hydrochemical methods and relationships for study of stream output from small catchments; element budgets; hydrologic studies; sulphur; nitrogen cycling; hydrochemical studies; trace metals speciation and cycling; chemical weathering in small catchments - climatic and anthropologenic influences; small catchment studies in the tropical zone; agricultural impacts in the northern temperate zone; small catchment research in the evaluation and development of forest management practices.