International Trust Laws (International Practice Library) (LSLF)

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International Trust Laws (International Practice Library) (LSLF)

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Full Description

For international practitioners, this book offers comparison and analysis of the trust laws of major jurisdictions across the world. It presents a digest of trust law for each of the jurisdictions; considers special topics of related interest to the international practitioner; and contains the full text of the trust statutes for each jurisdiction. This volume is intended for lawyers and accountants, international banks, financial institutions and trust companies. Published in looseleaf format, "International Trust Laws" will allow regular updating and the introduction of further jurisdictions.


Part 1 Trust laws: Bahamas; Bermuda; British Virgin Isles; Cayman Islands; Cook Islands; England and Wales; France; Gibraltar; Guernsey; Hong Kong; Isle of Man; Jersey, Liechtenstein. Part 2 Special topics: forced heirship; trading trusts; protectors; flee clauses; change of proper law; recognition of trusts; payment of foreign taxes; trusts and civil law countries; dangers of excessive powers; purpose trusts. Part 3 Statutes.