Choices and Decisions in Health Care

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Choices and Decisions in Health Care

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Full Description

Takes a reflective view of medical law and ethics, the health care system and challenges raised by modern technology. Topics include HIV and AIDS, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Bill, Medical Accountability, and the National Health Service. Discusses the need for responsibility, accountability and respect for individual human rights.

Table of Contents

  Medical Ethics in Islam (M. Haleem).
Euthanasia (L. Kennedy).
Treatment Decisions: Keeping It in the Family
(A. Grubb).
Autonomy in the Company of Others (S.
The Persistent Vegetative State: Medical,
Ethical and Legal Issues (B. Jennett).
Geriatric Medicine: Some Ethical Issues
Associated with Its Development (M. Jeffreys).
The Development and Future of Research Ethics
Committees in Britain (C. Foster).
Innovations in Procedure and Practice in
Multi-Party Medical Cases (K. Oliphant).
The Medical and Legal Response to
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (M. Napier).