Handbook of Practical Coal Geology

Handbook of Practical Coal Geology

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Full Description

This text is intended as a basic guide for coal geologists to use in their everyday duties, whether on site, in the office or instructing others. It is not intended as a definitive work on all or any particular aspect of coal geology, rather it is a handbook to use as a precursor to, or in conjunction with more specific and detailed works. The book is designed to give the coal geologist background information regarding the chemical and physical properties of coal, its likely origins, its classification and the terminology used. In addition an attempt is made to highlight its currently known geographical distribution together with recent estimates of world resources and production. The remainder of the book is devoted to the practical side of coal geology, outlining the role of the geologist in data collection, sampling, the calculation of resources/reserves and geotechnical studies. The geophysics and hydrogeology of coal are also described since modern coal exploration and development is a combination of all these activities. Mention is also made of the preparation of geological reports together with a brief comment on standards of geological practice.


Part 1 Introduction: scope; background; coal and the geologist; layout. Part 2 Coal as a substance: physical description of coal; coalification (rank); coal quality; classification of coals. part 3 Origin of coal: sedimentation of coal and coal-bearing sequences; structural effects on coals. part 4 Age and occurrence of coal: age of coals; geographical distribution of coals. Part 5 World coal reserves and production: world coal reserves; world coal production. Part 6 Coal exploration and data collection: introduction; field techniques; drilling; geotechnical properties; computer applications. part 7 Geophysics of coal: introduction; physical properties of coal-bearing sequences; surface geophysical methods; underground geophysical methods; geophysical borehole logging. Part 8 Hydrogeology of coal: introduction; collection and handling of hydrogeological data; groundwater effects on mining; environmental concerns. part 9 Sampling and analysis of coal: insitu coal sampling; non-insitu sampling; coal analysis. Part 10 Gas in coal: introduction; gas detection; methane gas extraction; radon. Part 11 Coal resources and reserves: introduction; coal resources and reserves assessment; reporting of resources/reserves. Part 12 Report preparation: introduction; the geological report; report finalization. Part 13 Geological practice: introduction; geological conduct and standards; technical relationships; the coal geologist and the environment. Appendices: list of international and national standards used in coal analysis and evaluation; table of slope angles and gradients; table of true and apparent dip; calorific values expressed in different units; table of equivalents.