Introduction to Aerospace Structural Analysis -- Hardback


Introduction to Aerospace Structural Analysis -- Hardback

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版
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Full Description

This text provides students who have had statics and introductory strength of materials with the necessary tools to perform stress analysis on aerospace structures such as wings, tails, fuselages, and space frames. It progresses from introductory continuum mechanics through strength of materials of thin--walled structures to energy methods, culminating in an introductory chapter on the powerful finite element method.

Table of Contents

HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION                            1  (480)
The Structural Design Concept 9 (19)
The Structural Design Problem 9 (1)
The Design Process in the Aerospace Industry 10 (1)
Analysis Versus Experimentation 10 (1)
The Role of Structural Analysis 11 (1)
Factor of Safety 11 (1)
Summary 12 (16)
Mechanics of Aerospace Structures 28 (49)
Axioms of Nature 28 (4)
Kinetics 29 (1)
Conservation of Mass 29 (1)
Conservation of Momentum 30 (1)
Thermodynamics (Optional) 31 (1)
Conservation of Energy 31 (1)
Entropy Production 31 (1)
Stress 32 (23)
The Concept of Stress 32 (2)
The Stress Tensor 34 (3)
Differential Equations of Equilibrium 37 (6)
Planar Stress Transformations 43 (1)
Mohr's Circle for Plane Stress 44 (2)
Analysis of Stress at a Point Using 46 (2)
Mohr's Circle
Three-dimensional Stress Analysis at a 48 (7)
Point (Optional)
Kinematics 55 (11)
Deformation and the Concept of Strain 55 (2)
Engineering Strain 57 (5)
Strain Compatibility Equations (Optional) 62 (2)
Displacement Boundary Conditions 64 (1)
Planar Strain Transformations 64 (2)
Summary of Mechanics 66 (11)
Constitution of Aerospace Materials 77 (68)
Uniaxial Thermomechanical Constitution of 78 (19)
Uniaxial Elastic Thermomechanical 84 (1)
Uniaxial Viscous Mechanical Constitution 85 (2)
Uniaxial Viscoelastic Mechanical 87 (8)
Uniaxial Elastic-Plastic Mechanical 95 (1)
Summary of Uniaxial Thermomechanical 96 (1)
Yield Criteria 97 (4)
Multiaxial Constitution of Elastic Solids 101(25)
Thermodynamics of Elastic Solids 101(4)
Mechanical Constitutive Equations for 105(1)
Anisotropic Solids
The Elastic Field Problem 106(1)
Mechanical Constitutive Equations for 106(1)
Orthotropic Hookean Solids
Mechanical Constitutive Equations for 107(12)
Isotropic Hookean Solids
Mechanical Constitutive Equations for 119(7)
Transversely Isotropic Hookean Solids
Multiaxial Constitution of Thermoelastic 126(9)
Thermodynamics of Thermoelastic Solids 126(5)
The Thermoelastic Field Problem 131(1)
Mechanical Constitutive Equations for 132(3)
Isotropic Linear Thermoelastic Solids
Linearity and the Principle of Superposition 135(1)
Summary Of Constitution 136(9)
Theory and Analysis of Advanced Beams 145(105)
Development of Equations for Bars and Beams 146(8)
by the Applied Elasticity Approach
Uniaxial Bars 146(3)
Simple Beams 149(5)
Equilibrium of Advanced Beams 154(10)
Resultant Forces and Moments 155(2)
Linear Differential Equations of 157(7)
Bending and Extension of Advanced Beams 164(23)
Simplifying Assumptions 164(2)
Axial Stresses and Strains Due to Bending 166(1)
and Extension
Axial Stresses and Strains in Linear 166(5)
Elastic Homogeneous Beams
Axial Stresses and Strains in Linear 171(4)
Thermoelastic Heterogeneous Beams
Determination of Modulus Weighted Section 175(8)
Deformations Due to Bending and Extension 183(4)
Torsion In Thin-Walled Closed Sections 187(18)
Simplifying Assumptions for Torsion of 188(5)
Thin-Walled Closed Sections
Torsion Stresses and Strains in 193(3)
Single-cell Thin-Walled Closed Sections
Torsional Deformations in Single-cell 196(4)
Thin-Walled Closed Sections
Analysis of Multicell Closed Sections in 200(5)
Shear In Advanced Beams 205(24)
Simplifying Assumptions for Thin-Walled 206(1)
Sections in Shear
Shearing Stresses in Thin-Walled Open 206(5)
Determination of Modulus Weighted Section 211(4)
Shear Center 215(5)
Shearing Stresses, Strains, and 220(3)
Deformations in Single-cell Thin-Walled
Closed Sections
Analysis of Multicell Thin-Walled 223(6)
Sections in Shear
Analysis of Beams Under Combined Loading 229(21)
Work And Energy Principles 250(79)
Introduction 250(1)
Concept of Work and Potential 251(2)
Virtual Work and Equilibrium 253(28)
Virtual Work of a Particle 253(3)
Virtual Work for Rigid Mechanisms 256(6)
Virtual Work for a Uniaxial Deformable Bar 262(5)
Virtual Work for Beams in Bending and 267(2)
Discretized From of Virtual Work for an 269(6)
Elastic Beam
Virtual Work in a General Deformable Body 275(4)
Complementary Virtual Work in a 279(2)
Deformable Body (Optional)
External Potential Energy 281(3)
Strain Energy and Complementary Strain 284(10)
Strain Energy and Complementary Strain 284(5)
Energy in a Uniaxial Bar
Strain Energy and Complementary Strain 289(2)
Energy in Advanced Beams
Strain Energy and Complementary Strain 291(3)
Energy in a General Elastic Body
Potential Energy and Complementary 294(17)
Potential Energy Theorems
Principle of Minimum Potential Energy 295(8)
Castigliano's Theorems 303(4)
Unit Load Method 307(4)
Introduction to Stability Analysis 311(18)
Deformation and Force Analysis of Aerospace 329(70)
Introduction 329(1)
Statically Indeterminate Structures 330(3)
Simple Examples of Deformation Analysis 333(13)
Determinate Structures 333(5)
Indeterminate Structures 338(8)
Flexibility Method 346(24)
Introduction 346(1)
General Form of Flexibility Method 347(4)
Special Cases of Flexibility Coefficients 351(19)
Rayleigh-Ritz Method 370(7)
Stiffness Method 377(6)
Introduction 377(1)
General Form 377(6)
Comments on Stiffness and Flexibility 383(1)
Shear Lag (Optional) 384(15)
Introduction to Finite Element Stiffness 399(82)
Introduction 399(8)
Finite Element Concept 407(37)
Discretization 407(4)
Element Equilibrium Equations 411(1)
Strain Energy Potential and Stiffness 411(1)
External Potential and Force Matrix 412(2)
Element Equilibrium Equations 414(1)
Transformation of Element Equations to 415(4)
Global Axes
Physical Meaning of Stiffness Coefficients 419(1)
Formation of Structural Equilibrium 420(3)
Equations and Assembly of Equations
Transformation Approach 423(6)
Force Equilibrium Approach (Optional) 429(1)
Boundary Conditions 430(3)
Solution of Structural Equilibrium 433(1)
Direct Method for Assembly and Boundary 433(4)
Conditions (Optional)
Element Forces, Stresses, and Strains 437(6)
Thermal Forces (Optional) 443(1)
Stiffness and Force Matrices for Other 444(14)
Simple Elements
Three-dimensional Truss Element 445(1)
Beam Element 446(11)
Web-Stringer Element for Semimonocoque 457(1)
Beam Analysis
Elements for More Complex Applications 458(3)
Plane Stress/Plane Strain Triangular 461(20)
Element---The CST (Optional)
A.1 Uniaxial Bars 481(3)
A.2 Thin-Walled Cylindrical Pressure Vessels 484(1)
A.3 Torsion of Circular Bars 485(2)
A.4 Simple Beam Shear and Moment Equations 487(3)
A.5 Beam Bending 490(3)
A.6 Beam Shear Stresses 493(2)
A.7 Properties of Plane Areas 495(6)
Index 501