Mechanical Design of Machine Elements and Machines : A Failure Prevention Perspective

Mechanical Design of Machine Elements and Machines : A Failure Prevention Perspective

  • Wiley(2003/04発売)
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Full Description

This is a new machine design book with a failure prevention perspective, that offers balance between analysis and design. Coverage includes design of machine elements as well as integration of components into sub-assemblies and whole machines. Each chapter in Part II: Design Applications, includes discussion of uses and characteristics, probable failure modes, and typical materials used.


PART IMaterials Selection and Geometry Determination. Chapter 2. The Failure Prevention Perspective. Chapter 3. Materials Selection. Chapter 4. Response of Machine Elements to Loads and Environments; Stress, Strain, and Energy Parameters. Chapter 5. The Role of Safety Factor. Chapter 6. Geometry Determination. Chapter 7. Design-Stage Integration of Manufacturing and Maintenance Requirements. PART II: DESIGN APPLICATIONS. Chapter 8. Power Transmission Shafting; Couplings, Keys, and Splines. Chapter 9. Pressurized Cylinders; Interference Fits. Chapter 10. Plain Bearings and Lubrication. Chapter 11. Rolling Element Bearings. Chapter 12. Power Screw Assemblies. Chapter 13. Machine Joints and Fastening Methods. Chapter 14. Springs. Chapter 15. Gears and Systems of Gears. Chapter 16. Brakes and Clutches. Chapter 17. Belts, Chains, Wire Rope, and Flexible Shafts. Chapter 18. Flywheels and High Speed Rotors. Chapter 19. Cranks and Crankshafts. Chapter 20. Completing the Machine. Appendix: NSPE Code of Ethics for Engines. Tables.