Electronic Structure of Alloys, Surfaces and Clusters (Advances in Condensed Matter Science)


Electronic Structure of Alloys, Surfaces and Clusters (Advances in Condensed Matter Science)

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Full Description

Understanding the electronic structure of solids is a basic part of theoretical investigation in physics. Application of investigative techniques requires the solid under investigation to be "periodic." However, this is not always the case. This volume addresses three classes of "non-periodic" solids currently undergoing the most study: alloys, surfaces and clusters. Understanding the electronic structure of these systems is fundamental not only for the basic science, but also constitutes a very important step in various technological aspects, such as tuning their stabilities, chemical and catalytic reactivities and magnetism. Expert practitioners give an up-to-date account of the field with enough detailed background so that even a newcomer can follow the development. The theoretical framework is discussed in addition to the present status of knowledge in the field. Electronic Structure of Alloys, Surfaces and Clusters also includes an extensive bibliography which provides a comprehensive reading list of work on the topic.

Table of Contents

        List of figures                            vii
List of tables xii
List of contributors xiv
Preface xvi
Locality in electronic structure: an 1 (21)
introduction to the recursion method
Roger Haydock
Introduction to linear band structure methods 22 (49)
Gour P. Das
Introduction to augmented space methods 71 (35)
Abhijit Mookerjee
Electronic structure of disordered alloys 106(20)
using the KKR method
Rajendra Prasad
Phase stability of binary intermetallics: a 126(42)
first-principles approach
Gour P. Das
Ashok Arya
Srikumar Banerjee
Application of the augmented space recursion 168(62)
to the study of electronic structure and
phase stability of disordered alloys
Abhijit Mookerjee
Estimation of electronic interaction 230(31)
strengths from ab initio calculations
D. D. Sarma
N. Shanthi
Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical 261(19)
mechanics of alloys in a face centred cubic
Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta
Alphonse Finel
Growth, electronic and magnetic structure of 280(28)
rough surfaces
Anita Mehta
Biplab Sanyal
Abhijit Mookerjee
Ab initio, orbital free molecular dynamics: 308(40)
technique and applications
Dilip G. Kanhere
Vaishali Shah
An ab initio study of transition metal 348(18)
Radhika Prosad Datta
Amitava Banerjea
Abhijit Mookerjee
Ashok K. Bhattacharyya
Index 366