The First Jewish Revolt : Archaeology, History, and Ideology

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The First Jewish Revolt : Archaeology, History, and Ideology

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The world's leading scholars discuss the Roman and Jewish history and perspectives concerning the revolt, the archaeology of the revolt, and finally turn to discuss the ideology and interpretation of the revolt in subsequent history and myth.

Full Description

The First Jewish Revolt against Rome is arguably the most decisive event in the history of Judaism and Christianity. The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE by the Roman General Titus forced a transformation in structure and form for both of these fraternal religions. Yet despite its importance, little has been written on the First Revolt, its causes, implications and the facts surrounding it.In this volume, Andrea M. Berlin and J. Andrew Overman have gathered the foremost scholars on the period to discuss and debate this pivotal historical event. The contributions explore both Roman and Jewish perspectives on the Revolt, looking at its history and archaeology, and finally examining the ideology and interpretation of the revolt in subsequent history and myth.

Table of Contents

        List of figures                            ix
List of tables x
List of contributors xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1 (14)
Andrea M. Berlin
J. Andrew Overman
Current scholarship on the First Revolt 15 (10)
Martin Goodman
PART I Historical and archaeological background 25 (60)
Roman perspectives on the Jews in the age of 27 (16)
the Great Revolt
Erich S. Gruen
The Revolt from a regional perspective 43 (14)
Sean Freyne
Romanization and anti-Romanization in 57 (17)
pre-Revolt Galilee
Andrea M. Berlin
Phoenicians and Jews: a ceramic case-study 74 (11)
Dina Avshalom-Gorni
Nimrod Getzov
PART II The first year in Galilee 85 (70)
Power vacuum and power struggle in 66-7 C.E. 87 (23)
Richard A. Horsley
Sepphoris: city of peace 110 (11)
Eric M. Meyers
Yodefat/Jotapaca: the archaeology of the 121 (13)
first battle
Mordechai Aviam
Gamla: city of refuge 134 (21)
Danny Syon
PART III From archaeology and history to 155 (98)
Documents of the First Jewish Revolt from the 157 (7)
Judean desert
Hanan Eshel
Jewish millenarian expectations 164 (25)
Tessa Rajak
In the footsteps of the Tenth Roman Legion in 189 (24)
Jodi Magness
The First Revolt and Flaviain politics 213 (8)
J. Andrew Overman
Good from evil: the rabbinic response 221 (16)
Anthony J. Saldarini
The First Revolt and its afterlife 237 (16)
Neil Asher Silberman
Index 253