A Critical Introduction to European Law (Law in Context) (2ND)

A Critical Introduction to European Law (Law in Context) (2ND)

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Ward pays particular emphasis to the Law of the Constitution and the UK experience of integration in Europe.

Full Description

The new edition of this thought-provoking book discusses the history and institutional framework of the European Union without becoming mired in the minutiae of 'black letter' law. Written by one of the leading academics specialising in European law and legal theory, it provides an accessible introduction for students to current critical academic commentary on European law. The structure of the book has been revised, with the law of the market and discussion of EU social policy being brought together under one section heading. There is also increased discussion of the institutions of the EU and a specific section on Human Rights. The final section of this new edition will locate the author in the current critical commentary on the EU and also endeavour to make these sections much more accessible to the student reader. There will be two new chapters in this section to provide an opportunity for discussing the place of Europe within current debates about globalisation and the 'new world order'.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Table of EC legislation xv
Table of UK legislation xix
Table of cases xxi
CHAPTER ONE Building Rome 1 (37)
The idea of Europe 1 (4)
Visions of Europe 5 (6)
A coming together 11 (5)
A common market 16 (4)
Merits and demerits 20 (6)
Reviving the dream 26 (7)
A Single Act 33 (5)
CHAPTER TWO An ever closer union 38 (32)
Maastricht: an ever closer union 38 (6)
Bits and pieces 44 (5)
A crisis of governance 49 (4)
Amsterdam: reflections 53 (3)
The age of flexibility 56 (3)
Nice: leftovers 59 (2)
Tempted by rights 61 (4)
A decade of Europe? 65 (5)
CHAPTER THREE The foundations of Community law 70 (32)
A supreme court 71 (3)
Vertical direct effect: the first step 74 (2)
Horizontal direct effect: a second step? 76 (4)
Making references 80 (4)
Fundamental principles: a common 84 (4)
administrative law
Fundamental principles: human rights 88 (5)
An honest broker? 93 (4)
Running wild? 97 (5)
CHAPTER FOUR The law of integration 102(32)
The question of competence 103(3)
An awkward partner? 106(5)
The question of sovereignty 111(3)
The European way 114(4)
The shopkeepers' tale 118(4)
The fishermen's tale 122(4)
Anomalous and wrong 126(3)
A culture of rights 129(5)
CHAPTER FIVE The law of the market 134(39)
The idea of a free market 135(3)
The single market project 138(5)
The free movement of goods 143(7)
The albatross of agriculture 150(4)
Regulating competition 154(5)
Consumers 159(4)
Capital and currency 163(4)
Completing the market? 167(6)
CHAPTER SIX The law of persons 173(36)
Europe's social face 174(5)
Treating women the same 179(5)
Treating women differently 184(6)
The free movement of some persons 190(6)
The others 196(5)
Dealing with discrimination 201(5)
The idea of a good society 206(3)
CHAPTER SEVEN Beyond Europe 209(37)
The new world order 209(3)
The Community and the global market 212(5)
The rotten heart of Europe 217(5)
Building fortress Europe 222(3)
The politics of exclusion 225(6)
A greater Europe? 231(6)
The evolution of a 'European' foreign policy 237(4)
Europe and the new world order 241(5)
CHAPTER EIGHT In search of a public philosophy 246(35)
The limits of legalism 246(6)
In search of a public philosophy 252
The post-modern critique 2 54 (205)
The liberal critique 259(4)
The social democratic critique 263(5)
Citizens 268(4)
Multiplicity 272(3)
Cosmopolitanism and the new humanism 275(6)
Bibliography 281(34)
Index 315