The Legal Environment of Business : Text and Cases (Mindtap Course List) (11TH)

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The Legal Environment of Business : Text and Cases (Mindtap Course List) (11TH)

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Cross/Miller's market-leading THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESSCASES, 11E delivers comprehensive, cutting-edge coverage using an interesting, understandable approach. You master vital skills as you study the legal environment within the context of law in today's increasingly regulated business world. Dozens of examples, business-oriented features, and step-by-step analyses place every topic within a meaningful context. You learn how today's legal environment is more about the constraints of business than the simple rules of law with this book's focus on managerial decision-making and current events. This edition makes ethics a priority with a new framework -- the IDDR Approach -- for making ethical decisions. The authors focus less on "black letter law" and more on broader issues that correspond to what business owners and managers face. Updated cases, content, and learning features present the latest developments and skills to succeed in today's legal landscape.


UNIT ONE1. Law and Legal Reasoning.2. Business and the Constitution. 3. Ethics in Business.4. Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution. 5. Court Procedures. Unit One: Task-Based Simulation. Application and Ethics: Arbitration, No Class Actions.UNIT TWO: THE PUBLIC AND INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT.6. Tort Law. 7. Strict Liability and Product Liability. 8. Intellectual Property Rights. 9. Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy. 10. Criminal Law and Cyber Crime. 11. International and Space Law. Unit Two. Task-Based Simulation. Application and Ethics: One of the Biggest Data Breaches Ever. UNIT THREE: THE COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT.12. Formation of Traditional and E-Contracts. 13. Contract Performance, Breach, and Remedies. 14. Sales and Lease Contracts. 15. Creditor-Debtor Relations and Bankruptcy. Unit Three: Task-Based Simulation. Application and Ethics: Fantasy Sports-Legal Gambling?UNIT FOUR: THE BUSINESS AND EMPLOYMENT ENVIRONMENT. 16. Small Businesses and Franchises. 17. Limited Liability Business Forms. 18. Corporations. 19. Agency Relationships.20.Employment Law.21.Employment Discrimination. 22.Immigration and Labor Law. Unit Four: Task-Based Simulation. Application and Ethics: Health Insurance and Small Business.UNIT FIVE: THE REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT.23.Administrative Agencies. 24.Consumer Protection. 25.Environmental Law. 26.Real Property and Land-Use Control. 27.Antitrust Law. 28.Investor Protection and Corporate Governance. Unit Five: Task-Based Simulation. Application and Ethics: Climate Change APPENDICES.A.How to Brief Cases and Analyze Case Problems. B.Answers to the Issue Spotters.C.Sample Answers for Business Case Problems with Sample Answer.