Coverage Matters : Insurance and Health Care


Coverage Matters : Insurance and Health Care

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Full Description

Roughly 40 million Americans have no health insurance, private or public, and the number has grown steadily over the past 25 years. Who are these children, women, and men, and why do they lack coverage for essential health care services? How does the system of insurance coverage in the U.S. operate, and where does it fail? The first of six Institute of Medicine reports that will examine in detail the consequences of having a large uninsured population, "Coverage Matters: Insurance and Health Care", explores the myths and realities of who is uninsured, identifies social, economic, and policy factors that contribute to the situation, and describes the likelihood faced by members of various population groups of being uninsured. It serves as a guide to a broad range of issues related to the lack of insurance coverage in America and provides background data of use to policy makers and health services researchers.

Table of Contents

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                  1  (156)
Myths and Realities 2 (3)
Relating Health Insurance to Access to 5 (1)
Health Services
How Coverage Is Gained and Lost 6 (5)
A Portrait of the Uninsured 11 (3)
Analytic Plan for the Committee 14 (1)
Summary 15 (4)
Why Health Insurance Matters 19 (16)
Objectives of Health Insurance Coverage 20 (1)
Myths and Realities About Health Insurance 21 (5)
The Committee's Analytic Strategy 26 (2)
Insurance and Access to Health Care 28 (4)
What Follows 32 (3)
The Dynamics of Health Insurance Coverage 35 (24)
No Guarantee of Coverage 35 (2)
Opportunities for Obtaining Coverage 37 (9)
How People Gain and Lose Coverage 46 (3)
Constrained Coverage Options 49 (4)
Insurance Trends 53 (3)
Summary 56 (3)
Who Goes Without Health Insurance? Who is 59 (42)
Most Likely to be Uninsured?
How Social and Economic Factors Affect 60 (10)
How Coverage Varies Over a Person's Life 70 (10)
Other Demographic Disparities in Coverage 80 (10)
How Geographic Differences Affect Coverage 90 (6)
What Influences an Uninsured Rate the Most? 96 (2)
Summary 98 (3)
Analytic Plan 101(56)
Future Committee Reports 101(8)
A A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating the 109(4)
Consequences of Uninsurance: A Cascade of
B Measuring Insurance Coverage and 113(6)
Insurance Rates
C Data Tables 119(16)
D Multivariate Analysis 135(8)
E Glossary 143(6)
F Biographical Sketches 149(8)
References 157