The Patagonian Icefields : A Unique Natural Laboratory for Environmental and Climate Change Studies (Series of the Centro De Estudios Cientificos De S

The Patagonian Icefields : A Unique Natural Laboratory for Environmental and Climate Change Studies (Series of the Centro De Estudios Cientificos De S

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Full Description

This book presents a collection of 17 papers by authors from diverse backgrounds dealing with multi-disciplinary research on the Patagonian ice fields. The main emphasis is glaciology, climatology and paleoclimatology, with contributions in glacier ecology, microbiology and aerosols. The volume is the proceedings of a meeting held on board a Chilean Navy ship, which sailed along the fjords, where the participants had the opportunity of actually setting foot on the Southern Patagonia ice field. It presents an updated review of glacier and climate-related research of the Patagonian ice fields, and should be for anyone interested in the Patagonian glaciers and the surrounding environment.

Table of Contents

Glacier Ecosystem and Biological Ice-Core 1 (8)
Shiro Kohshima
Yoshitaka Yoshimura
Nozomu Takeuchi
Isolation and Identification of Bacteria 9 (8)
from Ancient and Modern Ice Cores
Brent C. Christner
Ellen Mosley-Thompson
Lonnie G. Thompson
Victor Zagorodnov
John N. Reeve
Perspectives for DNA Studies on Polar Ice 17 (12)
Anders J. Hansen
Eske Willerslev
Meteorological and Climatological Aspects 29 (14)
of the Southern Patagonia Icefield
Jorge F. Carrasco
Gino Casassa
Andres Rivera
Western Patagonia: A Key Area for 43 (12)
Understanding Quaternary Paleoclimate at
Southern Mid-Latitudes
Patricio I. Moreno
Late Pleistocene and Holocene Glacier 55 (12)
Fluctuations in the Mendoza Andes, Argentina
Lydia E. Espizua
Current Knowledge of the Southern Patagonia 67 (18)
Gino Casassa
Andres Rivera
Masamu Aniya
Renji Naruse
The Southern Patagonia Icefield Mass Balance 85 (4)
Juan Carlos Leiva
Glacier Mass Balance and Climate in the 89 (12)
South American Andes
Georg Kaser
Ice Thickness Measurements on the Southern 101(16)
Patagonia Icefield
Andres Rivera
Gino Casassa
Locating A Drilling Site on the Patagonian 117(8)
Niels Gundestrup
On the Potential to Retrieve Climatic and 125(14)
Environmental Information from Ice-Core
Sites Suffering Periodical Melt, with
Specific Assessment of the Southern
Patagonia Icefield
Veijo Pohjola
Argentine Program on Climate and 139(10)
Environmental Studies by Means of Ice Cores
Alberto J. Aristarain
Firn-Core Drilling Operation at Tyndall 149(8)
Glacier, Southern Patagonia Icefield
Maria-Angelica Godoi
Takayuki Shiraiwa
Shiro Kohshima
Keiji Kubota
First Results of a Paleoatmospheric 157(12)
Chemistry and Climate Study of Cerro Tapado
Glacier, Chile
Patrick Ginot
Margit Schwikowski
Heinz W. Gaggeler
Ulrich Schotterer
Christoph Kull
Martin Funk
Andres Rivera
Felix Stampfli
Willi Stichler
Interpreting Climate Signals from a Shallow 169(8)
Equatorial Core: Antisana, Ecuador
Mark W. Williams
Bernard Francou
Eran Hood
Bruce Vaughn
Potential Application of Methodologies for 177(12)
Studying Atmospheric Aerosols, in the Study
of Climatic and Environmental Information
from Ice Cores
Margarita Prendez
Index 189