Side by Side (3e) 2 Student Book with CD Highlights


Side by Side (3e) 2 Student Book with CD Highlights

  • 国内仕入先からお取り寄せいたします。通常6日~12日程度で発送いたします。
    1. 納期遅延や、ご入手不能となる場合が若干ございます。
    2. 複数冊ご注文の場合、分割発送となる場合がございます。
    3. 美品のご指定は承りかねます。

Full Description

Side by Side has helped more than 25 millions students worldwide persist and succeed as language learners! This course is a dynamic all skills programme that integrates conversation practice, reading, writing and listening - all in a light-hearted, fun and easy-to-use format.This edition promotes active communication between students.... practising speaking together 'side by side',

Table of Contents

    1 Review of Tenses: Simple Present Present     1  (10)
Continuous Simple Past Future: Going to
Like to Time Expressions Indirect Object
Describing Present, Past, and Future
Birthdays and Gifts
Telling About Friendships
2 Count/Non-Count Nouns 11 (8)
Buying Food
Being a Guest at Mealtime
Describing Food Preferences
3 Partitives
Count/Non-Count Nouns
Imperatives 19 (8)
Buying Food
Describing Food
Eating in a Restaurant
SIDE by SIDE Gazette 27 (2)
4 Future Tense: Will Time Expressions Might 29 (10)
Telling About the Future
5 Comparatives Should Possessive Pronouns 39 (10)
Making Comparisons
Expressing Opinions
Agreement and Disagreement
6 Superlatives 49 (12)
Describing People, Places, and Things
Shopping in a Department Store
Expressing Opinions
SIDE by SIDE Gazette 59 (2)
7 Imperatives Directions 61 (10)
Getting Around Town
Public Transportation
8 Adverbs Comparative of Adverbs Agent 71 (12)
Nouns If-Clauses
Describing People's Actions
Describing Plans and Intentions
Consequences of Actions
SIDE by SIDE Gazette 81 (2)
9 Past Continuous Tense Reflexive Pronouns 83 (10)
Describing Ongoing Past Activities
10 Could Be Able to Have Got to Too + 93 (12)
Expressing Past and Future Ability
Expressing Past and Future Obligation
Giving an Excuse
SIDE by SIDE Gazette 103(2)
11 Past Tense Review Count/Non-Count Noun 105(10)
Review Must Mustn't vs. Don't Have to Must
vs. Should
Medical Examinations
Medical Advice
12 Future Continuous Tense Time Expressions 115(10)
Describing Future Activities
Expressing Time and Duration
Making Plans by Telephone
13 Some/Any Pronoun Review Verb Tense Review 125(15)
Offering Help
Indicating Ownership
Household Problems
SIDE by SIDE Gazette 137(3)
Listening Scripts 140(5)
Thematic Glossary 145(9)
Cardinal Numbers 154(1)
Ordinal Numbers 154(1)
Irregular Verbs: Past Tense 155(1)
Index 156