Wireless Messaging Demystified (Demystified)


Wireless Messaging Demystified (Demystified)

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Full Description

Wireless Messaging is 'instant messaging' anywhere you go. It is for cell phones, PDAs and, pagers and great for corporate and individual users alike. It is less expensive than phone calls and is a worldwide success story! This book helps you understand why wireless messaging is the next communications phenomenon. A booming worldwide craze - with more than 850 million messages exchanged during one month in the U.K. alone - wireless messaging, like SMS, EMS, and MMS, is now ready to conquer the U.S. market. This guide for telecom professionals tells you what you want to know about wireless messaging without getting mired in technical details. From mobile e-commerce applications, technical and architectural components, and the standards that have made SMS a success abroad, "Wireless Messaging Demystified" provides the vital details you want.You must read this book if: you want the hows, whys, and wherefores of i-mode's conquest of Japan and SMS' triumph around the globe; you need to know how SMS fits with IM and other emerging wireless messaging technologies; you want to discover profitable mobile e-commerce applications from automatic meter reading to getting a soda from a vending machine; you desire details on development, implementation, and rollout of EMS and MMS for the general population and the enterprise; you require answers on privacy, and how 3G will impact wireless messaging; and, you can't get enough information on the newest trends transforming wireless communications. The easiest way to investigate why wireless messaging is one of the biggest communications successes ever, "Wireless Messaging Demystified" is the only guide you need to fully understand everything about instant messaging, mobile commerce, and wireless location-based services.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS CHAPTER 1Introduction The Wireless Playing Field MNVOs The Value Proposition of Wireless Messaging Today's Business Drivers for Wireless Messaging The Wireless Value Chain: Who Supplies What to Whom? Introduction to Acronyms and Industry Terms WAP and DoCoMo The Scene is Set CHAPTER 2: TECHNOLOGY AND MARKET OVERVIEW How Will These Networks Affect Messaging? WWAN Technologies: Including CDMA2000 1xRTT, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and W-CDMA Duel and More Bluetooth WLANs WWAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth Technology Comparison 3G Driving Applications A Nokia 3G Application Case Study The Future of 3G CHAPTER 3: WIRELESS MESSAGING TODAY Some Important Attributes of Today's Wireless Messaging Regionality: The Regional Nature of Wireless What is Short Message Service (SMS)? GSM versus Non-GSM SMS Architectures Instant Messaging (IM): What Is It and Where Is It Going? WAP: The Mobile Internet The Bearer Channel: How the Messages Get to Phones Circuit Switched Versus Packet Switched Details by Market Region The European Union's (EU's) Messaging Addiction Mobile Device Overview Getting Around the Text Input Problem CHAPTER 4: APPLICATIONS OF WIRELESS MESSAGING From Person-to-Person (P2P) Messaging to Content and Services Following i-mode's Lead What Happened to WAP? Messaging in the United States What Makes a Wireless Messaging Application? What Are the Challenges Faced by the Various Parties Involved in Implementing Wireless Applications? A Survey of Wireless Messaging Applications Personal Services Professional Services Wireless Payment and Mobile Commerce Opportunities for Wireless Services in Remote Purchases The Future of Wireless Messaging Applications CHAPTER 5: WIRELESS MESSAGING INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastructure Overview Components of Wireless Messaging Solutions The Wireless Services Stack Physical Layer: Accessing the Network The Critical Role of the SMSC Connecting to the Carrier QoS of SMS Major SMSC Providers Wireless Gateways WAP: The Mobile Internet CHAPTER 6: WIRELESS MESSAGING'S FUTURE: A LOOK DOWN THE ROAD Wireless Messaging--Post 2G Next-Generation Wireless Messaging Services MMS--Dial M for Multimedia Wireless Messaging and Location-Based Services (LBS) Voice and Wireless Messaging Wireless Number Portability (WNP) GLOSSARY INDEXNER(01): WOW