Pirate Radio Stations : Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and Online (PAP/COM)

Pirate Radio Stations : Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and Online (PAP/COM)

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Full Description

This book pinpoints the newest, most active pirate stations. It covers the Internet pirate radio, with URL directory. Experience radio's swashbuckling side! 74 minutes of audio from dozens of underground stations. Listening to pirate radio is perfectly legal - and frequently an ear-opening experience. This book makes it easier for you to locate and tune in to pirate radio stations - and tells you all about the unlicensed broadcasters who play David to broadcasting conglomerates' Goliath.Inside, pirate radio aficionado and long-time writer on radio, electronics, and audio subjects Andrew Yoder: shows you how to find pirate radio stations on your AM/FM, shortwave, and online radios: gives you a CD with audio from dozens of pirate stations; explains how pirates have 'gone legit' on the Internet, with 'how-to-listen' directions, and hard-to-find pirate URLs; showcases stations operating since at least 1995; provides details on political, local, holiday, and special-events pirates; tells you about offshore, European, and pirate stations around the world; takes you inside illegal stations, some of which have up to 75 volunteers; shows you how the FCC tracks pirates and often enforces its regulations harshly; and reveals the history of pirate radio from 1925 to today.


Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1(1900-1975) Chapter 2: The Dawn of the Modern Era (1976-1982) Chapter 3: Pirate Radio Since 1983 Chapter 4: Inside Pirate Radio Chapter 5: European Offshore Radio (1958-1986) Chapter 6: American Offshore Pirates Chapter 7: International Pirate Radio Chapter 8: Political Pirates Chapter 9: Local and FM Pirates Chapter 10: The FCC and Enforcement Actions Chapter 11: Verifying Pirates Chapter 12: Equipment and Information Chapter 13: Computers and Radio Update Index About the AuthorNER(01): WOW