International Financial Markets 2e

International Financial Markets 2e

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Full Description

The purpose of this text is to analyze the key financial markets and instruments that facilitate trade and investment activity on a global scale. It spans two key areas: first - the economic determinants of prices, price changes and price relationships in the major financial markets; second - the policy issues that result from private enterprises and public policymakers.


Part I. Introduction and Overview 1. Introduction to the Study of International Financial Markets 2. An Overview of International Monetary Systems and Recent Developments in International Financial Markets Part II. Foreign Exchange Markets 3. Market Structure and Institutions 4. International Parity Conditions: Purchasing Power Parity 5. International Parity Conditions: Interest Rate Parity and the Fisher Parities 6. Spot Exchange Rate Determination 7. Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency 8. Exchange Rate Forecasting Part III. Offshore Financial Markets 9. The Eurocurrency Market 10. The Eurobond Market Part IV. Derivative Security Markets: Futures, Options, and Swaps 11. Currency and Interest Rate Futures 12. Currency and Interest Rate Options 13. Currency and Interest Rate Swaps Part V. International Asset Portfolios 14. Bond Portfolios 15. Equity Portfolios Part VI. International Asset Portfolios and Financial Risk Management 16. Measuring and Managing the Risk in International Financial Positions Part VII. Regulatory Issues 17. Giving Direction to International Financial Markets: Regulation and Intervention in the Competitive Marketplace.NER(01): WOW