Chemistry : Science of Change (4TH)

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Chemistry : Science of Change (4TH)

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Full Description

The organization of the text treats chemistry as an experimental subject by beginning with observable, macroscopic chemistry and later moving to the quantum mechanical theory that provides the underpinning of modern chemistry.


1. The Atomic Nature of Matter.2. Stoichiometry.3. Chemical Periodicity and the Formation of Simple Compounds.4. Types of Chemical Reactions.5. The Gaseous State.6. Condensed Phases and Phase Transitions.7. Chemical Equilibrium.8. Acid-Base Equilibria.9. Dissolution and Precipitation Equilibria.10. Thermochemistry.11. Spontaneous Change and Equilibrium.12. Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry.13. Electrochemistry and Cell Voltage.14. Chemical Kinetics.15. Nuclear Chemistry.16. Quantum Mechanics and the Hydrogen Atom.17. Many-electron Atoms and Chemical Bonding.18. Molecular Orbitals, Spectroscopy, and Atmospheric Chemistry.19. Coordination Complexes.20. Structure and Bonding in Solids.21. Silicon and Solid-State Materials.22. Chemical Processes.23. Chemistry of the Halogens.24. From Petroleum to Pharmaceuticals.25. Synthetic and Biological Polymers.