AMA(米国医師会) 『医学英語論文の書き方マニュアル』(原書)第11版<br>AMA Manual of Style : A Guide for Authors and Editors(11)

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AMA(米国医師会) 『医学英語論文の書き方マニュアル』(原書)第11版
AMA Manual of Style : A Guide for Authors and Editors(11)

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The AMA Manual of Style is a must-have resource for anyone involved in medical, health, and scientific publishing. Written by an expert committee of JAMA Network editors, this latest edition addresses issues that face authors, editors, and publishers in the digital age. Extensive updates are included in the References chapter, with examples of how to cite digital publications, preprints, databases, data repositories, podcasts, apps and interactive games, and social media. Full-color examples grace the chapter on data display, with newer types of graphic presentations and updated guidance on formatting tables and figures. The manual thoroughly covers ethical and legal issues such as authorship, conflicts of interest, scientific misconduct, intellectual property, open access and public access, and corrections. The Usage chapter has been revised to bring the manual up-to-date on word choice, especially in writing about individuals with diseases or conditions and from various socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, and sexual orientation populations. Specific nomenclature entries in many disciplines are presented to guide users in issues of diction, formatting, and preferred terminology. Guidance on numbers, SI units, and math has been updated, and the section on statistics and study design has undergone a major expansion. In sum, the answer to nearly any issue facing a writer or editor in medicine, health care, and related disciplines can be found in the 11th edition of the AMA Manual of Style.Available for institutional purchase or subscription or individual subscription. Visit or contact your sales rep for more details.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Howard BauchnerChapter 1. Types of ArticlesChapter 2. Manuscript Preparation for Submission and PublicationChapter 3. ReferencesChapter 4. Tables, Figures, and MultimediaChapter 5. Ethical and Legal ConsiderationsChapter 6. Editorial Assessment and ProcessingChapter 7. GrammarChapter 8. PunctuationChapter 9. PluralsChapter 10. CapitalizationChapter 11. Correct and Preferred Usage.Chapter 12. Non-English Words, Phrases, and Accent MarksChapter 13. AbbreviationsChapter 14. Nomenclature.Chapter 15. EponymsChapter 16. Greek LettersChapter 17. Units of MeasureChapter 18. Numbers and PercentagesChapter 19. Study Design and StatisticsChapter 20. Mathematical CompositionChapter 21. Editing, Proofreading, Tagging, and DisplayChapter 22. Publishing TermsChapter 23. Resources