Beauty and Sadness

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  • Kinoppy

Beauty and Sadness

  • 著者名:Kawabata, Yasunari
  • 価格 ¥1,624 (本体¥1,477)
  • Vintage(2013/02/20発売)
  • ポイント 14pt (実際に付与されるポイントはお支払い画面でご確認下さい)
  • 言語:ENG
  • ISBN:9780679761051
  • eISBN:9780307833631

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The successful writer Oki has reached middle age and is filled with regrets. He returns to Kyoto to find Otoko, a young woman with whom he had a terrible affair many years before, and discovers that she is now a painter, living with a younger woman as her lover. Otoko has continued to love Oki and has never forgotten him, but his return unsettles not only her but also her young lover. This is a work of strange beauty, with a tender touch of nostalgia and a heartbreaking sensitivity to those things lost forever.