Disaster Prevention

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Disaster Prevention

  • 著者名:Ilan, Kelman (EDT)
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  • Routledge(2015/11/19発売)
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Leading editors have curated collections of important Routledge research in ebook form to share recommended paths to understanding cutting-edge topics.

In this book Ilan Kelman presents his guide to the must-read research on the subject of Disaster Prevention.

Table of Contents

Introduction, 1. Mary Douglas, Risk and Danger in Risk and Blame, by Mary Douglas (2002), 2. Annelies Heijmans, From Vulnerability to Empowerment in Mapping Vulnerability: "Disasters, Development and People, edited by Greg Bankoff, Georg Frerks, and Dorothea Hilhorst (2004), 3. Ken Hewitt, Sustainable Disasters? In Power of Development, edited by Jonathan Crush (1995), 4. Ben Wisner, JC Gaillard, Ilan Kelman, Framing disaster: theories and stories seeking to understand hazards, vulnerability and risk in Handbook of Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction, edited by Ben Wisner, J.C. Gaillard, and Ilan Kelman (2012), 5. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Attitudes Toward Death and Dying in On Death and Dying, by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1973), 6. Christine Eriksen, Toeing the Line or Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Gender and Wildfire: Landscapes of Uncertainty, by Christine Eriksen (2014), 7. Marla Petal, Critical Reflections on Disaster Prevention Education in Learning and Calamities: Practices, Interpretations, Patterns, Edited by Heike Egner, Marén Schorch and Martin Voss (2015), 8. James Lewis, The worm in the bud: corruption, construction and catastrophe in Hazards and the Built Environment: Attaining Built-in Resilience, Edited by Lee Bosher (2008), 9. Kristian Cedervall Lauta, Disaster Responsibility in Disaster Law, by Kristian Cedervall Lauta (2015), 10. Gustavo Wilches-Chaux, The Global Vulnerability in Disasters and the Small Dwelling: Perspectives for the UN IDNDR, Edited by Ian Davis and Yasemin Aysan (1992), 11. Torrence and Grattan, The archaeology of disasters: past and future trends in Natural Disasters and Cultural Change, Edited by Robin Torrence and John Grattan (2002), 12. Anthony Oliver-Smith, Peru's Five-Hundred-Year Earthquake: Vulnerability in Historical Context in The Angry Earth: Disaster in Anthropological Perspective, Edited by Anthony Oliver-Smith and Susanna Hoffman (2000)