SETOUCHI MINKA<br> 瀬戸内民家 瀬戸内の自然と暮らす。

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  • ポイントキャンペーン

瀬戸内民家 瀬戸内の自然と暮らす。

  • 著者名:益田武美
  • 価格 ¥1,760(本体¥1,600)
  • KG情報(2021/10発売)
  • 梅雨を楽しむ!Kinoppy 電子書籍・電子洋書 全点ポイント30倍キャンペーン (~5/29)
  • ポイント 480pt (実際に付与されるポイントはご注文内容確認画面でご確認下さい)
  • ISBN:9784910670010

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この本には、英語翻訳が付いています。岡山・広島・山口・香川・愛媛・兵庫各県はもちろん、日本全国、ひいては世界中の“SETOUCHI LOVERたちに捧げる1冊です。

This is the second issue of an entertainment magazine on housing that introduces the charm of the Setouchi regions climate and homes to the world!

This is a new type of housing magazine that incorporates the essence of culture into useful information for people thinking about building their own homes in Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kagawa, Ehime, and Hyogo prefectures. This issue is packed with information on enjoying the beautiful sea and mountains of the Seto Inland Sea. We also provide examples of homes where you can live while enjoying nature. It will make you love the Setouchi even more. You will want to live there. Lets live with the nature of Setouchi.

This book comes with a bilingual translation. This book is dedicated to SETOUCHI LOVERS not only in Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kagawa, Ehime, and Hyogo prefectures, but also all over Japan and the world.
※This product is partially different from the paper book version