Trip to the National Parks of Japan

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Trip to the National Parks of Japan

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Beautiful nature and ecosystems―a reflection of the heart and soul of the Japanese people

The Japanese Archipelago is characterized by its many volcanoes and a mountain range that runs down the middle of the islands like a spine, creating different climates on either side. In addition, its wide north-to-south stretch ranges from sub-arctic to sub-tropical climate zones, creating a kaleidoscope of diverse nature and ecosystems within a relatively small land mass.
This valuable guidebook introduces readers to some of the most beautiful aspects of this natural environment found in the country’s national parks.
For example, Daisen-Oki National Park gives visitors a rich spiritual experience with over 100 shrines located throughout an island chain called the Oki Islands. Located within Towada-Hachimantai National Park, Oirase Gorge provides a beautiful tapestry of autumn leaves and moss, which grows in abundance due to the humidity created by a unique geological structure. Akan-Mashu National Park offers magnificent views of three caldera lakes and the opportunity to experience the indigenous Ainu culture. At Kushiroshitsugen National Park, visitors can witness Japanese cranes and countless other wild animals in their natural habitat within a marsh that stretches over a 2.5 hectare area.
Such national parks offer more than beautiful scenery; they provide insight into the heart and soul of the Japanese people who have revered, established a history of harmonious coexistence with, seen divinity in, and worshipped nature over the years.
The information provided in this book―along with the accompanying pictures―will help readers gain a deeper appreciation for such aspects of Japan’s nature that have previously been unexplored by people around the world.

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