What makes KOREA insult JAPAN - Truth behind Korea's resentment over Japan

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What makes KOREA insult JAPAN - Truth behind Korea's resentment over Japan

  • 著者名:呉善花/大谷一朗
  • 価格 ¥1,999(本体¥1,818)
  • ヒカルランド(2018/09発売)
  • ポイント 18pt (実際に付与されるポイントはご注文内容確認画面でご確認下さい)

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本書は呉善花による「反日韓国論」の集大成にしてベストセラー『侮日論』(文春新書)を英訳し、電子書籍化したものです。 Through this book, you will get to know true historical and social reasons why Koreans have continued to resent and insult Japanese people. The author of this book will share with you her inexcusable experiences with the Korean authorities who took away her human rights, certainly knowing that she was born as a Korean but is now a naturalized Japanese citizen. Though it is not wildly known that the relationship between Japan and Korea is not as good as you might think, it is hard to believe that reasons for some offensive actions taken by Koreans against Japanese people, which this book discusses, will definitely shed light on what truly was happening during the past decades. The annexation of Korea and the WWII might be the reasons behind these offensive actions against Japanese people. However, most of Japanese people simply can’t accept these behaviors. In fact, Korean people should realize that during the 1900’s, Japan helped Korea economically and socially, and improved Korea’s social and physical infrastructure that laid the foundation for Korea to become a modernized and industrialized society. Japan also has been fulfilling Korea’s requests, such as paying compensatory money for “so-called comfort women.” However, it seems that such compensation was not enough to Korean people, who kept asking for more. We cannot deny the fact that Korea has been taking an advantage of the comfort woman issue and the kind-hearted attitude of the Japanese people. As a result, Korean people keep on looking down Japanese people and spreading Korean people’s hate toward Japanese people through Korea’s education system. So, let’s take a look at what the author says about the real situation between Japan and Korea nowadays.