Algebras and Combinatorics : An International Conference, Icac'97, Hong Kong

Algebras and Combinatorics : An International Conference, Icac'97, Hong Kong

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Full Description

This volume contains the refereed and edited versions of papers presented at the First International Congress in Algebra & Combinatorics, held in July 1997 in Hong Kong. Research work in algebra and combinatorics, which has never been published before, is introduced, along with expository papers in semigroups, groups, rings, general algebras, ordered algebras, graphs and combinatorics. The work should be a useful reference book for researchers and graduate students working in these fields of mathematics.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            v
Opening Remarks vii
Arthur Li
Opening Speech x
Stephen Hill
Address xiii
Joseph W.P. Wong
An Introduction to Chung Chi College, The xvi
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Semiretracts and the Intersection of Retracts 1 (8)
James A. Anderson
Sets of Hypersubstitutions and Set-Solid 9 (16)
Srichan Arworn
Klaus Denecke
Some Inequalities for Linear Extensions of 25 (12)
Posets and Ideals
T. Bier
Grobner-Shirshov Bases for the Exceptional 37 (10)
Lie Algebrase E6, E7, E8
L.A. Bokut
A.A. Klein
Grobner-Shirshov Bases for Relations of a Lie 47 (8)
Algebra and its Enveloping Algebra
L. A. Bokut
P. Malcolmson
Normal Bands of Unipotent Monoids 55 (8)
Yonglin Cao
Constructing Tree Lattices 63 (36)
Lisa J. Carbone
Congruence Lattices on Bruck-Reilly 99 (14)
Extensions: Results and Open Problems
Alessandra Cherubini
Brunetto Piochi
Lower Bounds for the Number of Hamilton 113 (6)
Cycles in Cubic Bipartite Hamiltonian Graphs
G.L. Chia
Siew-Hui Ong
On the Algebraic Structure of a Dilated 119 (14)
Variable Convolution with Translation and its
Hsin Chu
Permutation Group Theory and Permutation 133 (14)
Stephen D. Cohen
On Real Total Quotient Rings and Related 147 (12)
Zhizhong Dai
A Framework for Coloring Symmetrical Patterns 159 (18)
Ma. Louise N. De las Penas
Rene P. Felix
Ma. Veronica P. Quilinguin
Regular-Solid Varieties of Commutative and 177 (12)
Idempotent Groupoids
Klaus Denecke
Prakit Jampachon
l1-Embeddable Polyhedra 189 (22)
Michel Deza
Viacheslav Grishukhin
Generalized Quasi-Hereditary Algebras 211 (6)
Vlastimil Dlab
The Acyclic Colouring, Triangle Number and 217 (20)
Chromatic Polynomial of a Graph
F.M. Dong
K.M. Koh
On the Fibonacci Semilattices 237 (10)
Sergio Fontanesi
Emanuele Munarini
Norma Zagaglia Salvi
On the Nilpotent Length of Finite Soluble 247 (8)
Groups with Given Normalizers of Sylow
Wenbin Guo
Self-Dual Codes Over Z4 and Unimodular 255 (22)
Lattices: A Survey
Masaaki Harada
Patrick Sole
Philppe Gaborit
The Tower of Hanoi 277 (14)
Andreas M. Hinz
Nonstandard Representation of the Mal'cev 291 (18)
Clone of a Strong Variety
Hans-Jurgen Hoehnke
Remarks on the Hodge Conjecture 309 (4)
K.H. Kim
F.W. Roush
Remarks on Non-Weierstrass Numerical 313 (8)
Jiryo Komeda
Spectra of Birational Extensions of Z[x] 321 (6)
Aihua Li
On Hamilton Cycles in Caylay Graphs of Order 327 (6)
Dengxin Li
Exceptional Behavior of Isomorphisms of 333 (12)
Classical Groups
Fu-an Li
Standard Bases of Left Ideals of P-type 345 (8)
Alexander A. Mikhalev
Arseniy V. Sereguine
The Torsion Product Property in Alternative 353 (6)
Cesar Polcino Milies
Implicative Identities in Groups 359 (8)
B. H. Neumann
On Generalized Q.F.D. Modules and Rings 367 (6)
Nguyen Van Sanh
Sompong Dhompongsa
Jintana Sanwong
Walsh-Hadamard Traces in Semigroups 373 (8)
Ladislav Satko
Otokar Grosek
Endomorphisms of Finite Symmetric Semigroups 381 (10)
Boris M. Schein
Congruences on Inversive Semirings 391 (10)
M.K. Sen
Shamik Ghosh
P. Mukhopadhyay
Isomorphism Theorem, Imbedding Theorem and 401 (18)
Replacement Techniques for Primitive Rings
K.P. Shum
Yonghua Xu
On Homological Colocalizations and R-Central 419 (8)
Jin-yen Tai
On Morphisms Between Partial Algebras 427 (28)
Hans-Jurgen Vogel
Enlarging Hv-Structures 455 (10)
Thomas Vougiouklis
Closedness of Submodules and Similarity of 465 (12)
Matrices Over PIDs to a Jordan Form
Sri Wahyuni
Geometry of Matrices Revisited 477 (10)
Zhe-Xian Wan
Semiperfect Coalgebras Over Rings 487 (26)
Robert Wisbauer
The Structure of P-Regular Semigrops 513
Ronghua Zhang