Governing Low-carbon Development and the Economy

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Governing Low-carbon Development and the Economy

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Full Description

The presence of an international regime will lead to low-carbon development. The Kyoto Protocol is the first step towards achieving this objective. In this publication, a more comprehensive international regime for the post-Kyoto Protocol world is pursued, based on the experience obtained from the first commitment period set forth in the protocol. It is through emissions targets set for each country and the policies toward meeting the targets that a de facto low-carbon economy will be constructed. Even in countries with identical emissions targets, the implementation of different policies to meet this objective will lead to different types of economies. This volume focuses primarily on the following aspects: the role of local government bodies, the selection of domestic policies, the combination of policies, the integration of policies, the political and administrative systems that serve as a basis for policies, the technological innovations related to the policies, and the revenue sources to rebuild infrastructure. While many chapters discuss the experiences in Japan, the results from collaborative research between Japan and the Republic of Korea, and comparative studies between Japan and Germany are also included. The chapters adopt different perspectives, looking at the issue from the discipline of economics as well as the neo-institutionalist perspective.

Table of Contents

        List of figures                            x
List of tables xii
List of contributors xiv
Preface xvi
Introduction 1 (10)
Hidenori Niizawa
Toru Morotomi
Part I Global regime 11 (88)
1 Environmental governance and the dynamics 13 (35)
of international institutions
Kazuhiro Ueta
Hidenori Niizawa
Yukari Takamura
2 Prospects for post-Kyoto protocol carbon 48 (17)
market policies
Hidenori Niizawa
3 Towards sustainable development in 65 (20)
developing countries: Achievements and
problems of a clean development mechanism
Sungin Na
4 Unilateral initiatives for carbon pricing 85 (14)
after Copenhagen
Seung-Joon Park
Part II Local initiatives 99 (48)
5 Towards a sustainable society by local 101(16)
initiatives: Local environmental taxes in
Kaori Fujita
6 Climate change policy from the bottom up: 117(15)
Tokyo's cap-and-trade scheme and multilevel
Toru Morotomi
7 The role of local government in the 132(15)
voluntary approach to environmental policy:
A case study of policy mix and multilevel
governance aimed at sustainable development
in Japan
Toshi H. Arimura
Yoshika Yamamoto
Part III Comparative studies 147(86)
8 The future of multilateral agreements and 149(19)
institutions in climate change policy
Yasuko Kameyama
9 Comparative analysis of institutional 168(17)
designs and policy processes regarding the
introduction of emissions trading systems
in Japan and Korea
Soocheol Lee
10 The possibilities for climate change 185(22)
policy integration as seen from Japan's
political and administrative system
Haruka Kubo
11 Policy integration as a measure to 207(10)
overcome the trade-off between the
environment and economics
Seiji Ikkatai
12 A comparative analysis of climate policy 217(16)
changes in Germany and Japan: Multilevel
governance, governing-coalition change and
policy entrepreneurship
Rie Watanabe
Part IV After Fukushima 233(34)
13 On the economy of nuclear power: 235(15)
Calculating the actual total unit cost of
power production
Kenichi Oshima
14 CO2 reduction without nuclear power 250(17)
generation: Restructuring the Japanese
energy policy after the Fukushima crisis
Aiko Azuma
Part V Energy savings 267(38)
15 Japan's approach to energy conservation 269(18)
Takeshi Shimamura
16 On energy-saving policies for the 287(18)
Japanese household sector in support of a
low-carbon society
Tae-Yeoun Lee
Part VI Policy and innovation 305(54)
17 Directed technical change for low-carbon 307(27)
development: An analysis with a
decentralized climate-economy model
Hiroaki Sakamoto
18 Innovation for a low-carbon economy: 334(12)
Policy integration for governing climate
technology innovation
Mitsutsugu Hamamoto
19 Finding the right policy mix -- The 346(13)
Impact of returning revenues of
environmental tax on technological
Yasushi Ito
Part VII Infrastructure 359(17)
20 Restructuring transport infrastructure 361(15)
for a low-carbon city and its financing
Takeshi Kawakatsu
Index 376