Flow Sensing in Air and Water : Behavioural, Neural and Engineering Principles of Operation (2014. 2014. xiii, 562 S. 123 SW-Abb., 77 Farbabb., 5 Tabellen. 235 mm)


Flow Sensing in Air and Water : Behavioural, Neural and Engineering Principles of Operation (2014. 2014. xiii, 562 S. 123 SW-Abb., 77 Farbabb., 5 Tabellen. 235 mm)

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Full Description

In this book, leading scientists in the fields of sensory biology, neuroscience, physics and engineering explore the basic operational principles and behavioral uses of flow sensing in animals and how they might be applied to engineering applications such as autonomous control of underwater or aerial vehicles.Although humans possess no flow-sensing abilities, countless aquatic (e.g. fish, cephalopods and seals), terrestrial (e.g. crickets and spiders) and aerial (e.g. bats) animals have flow sensing abilities that underlie remarkable behavioral feats. These include the ability to follow silent hydrodynamic trails long after the trailblazer has left the scene, to form hydrodynamic images of their environment in total darkness, and to swim or fly efficiently and effortlessly in the face of destabilizing currents and winds.

Table of Contents

  Part I Spatio-Temporal Structure of Natural
Water and Air Flow Stimuli
1 Natural Hydrodynamic Stimuli 3 (28)
Wolf Hanke
2 Laser-Based Optical Methods for the 31 (34)
Sensory Ecology of Flow Sensing: From
Classical PIV to Micro-PIV and Beyond
Thomas Steinmann
Jerome Casas
Part II Flow Sensing and Animal Behavior
3 The Role of Flow and the Lateral Line in 65 (38)
the Multisensory Guidance of Orienting
Sheryl Coombs
John Montgomery
4 Hydrodynamic Imaging by Blind Mexican 103(24)
Shane P. Windsor
5 Flow Sensing in Sharks: Lateral Line 127(20)
Contributions to Navigation and Prey Capture
Jayne M. Gardiner
Jelle Atema
6 Hydrodynamic Perception in Seals and Sea 147(22)
Guido Dehnhardt
Wolf Hanke
Sven Wieskotten
Yvonne Kruger
Lars Miersch
7 The Slightest Whiff of Air: Airflow 169(28)
Sensing in Arthropods
Friedrich G. Barth
8 Air Flow Sensing in Bats 197(18)
Susanne J. Sterbing-D'Angelo
Cynthia F. Moss
9 Flies, Optic Flow and Multisensory 215(32)
Stabilization Reflexes
Holger G. Krapp
Part III Evolution and Development of Flow
10 Lateral Line Morphology and Development 247(24)
and Implications for the Ontogeny of Flow
Sensing in Fishes
Jacqueline F. Webb
11 Evolution of Polarized Hair Cells in 271(24)
Aquatic Vertebrates and Their Connection to
Directionally Sensitive Neurons
Bernd Fritzsch
Hernan Lopez-Schier
12 Patterning the Posterior Lateral Line in 295(24)
Teleosts: Evolution of Development
Alain Ghysen
Hironori Wada
Christine Dambly-Chaudiere
13 Functional Architecture of Lateral Line 319(16)
Afferent Neurons in Larval Zebrafish
James C. Liao
Part IV Biomechanics and Physiology of Flow
14 Techniques for Studying Neuromast 335(36)
Function in Zebrafish
Primoz Pirih
Gaston C. Sendin
Sietse M. van Netten
15 Neuronal Basis of Source Localisation 371(28)
and the Processing of Bulk Water Flow with
the Fish Lateral Line
Horst Bleckmann
Joachim Mogdans
Part V Modelling of Flow Sensing and
Artificial Flow Sensors
16 Hydrodynamic Object Formation: 399(60)
Perception, Neuronal Representation, and
Multimodal Integration
J. Leo van Hemmen
17 Crickets as Bio-Inspiration for 459(30)
MEMS-Based Flow-Sensing
Gijs J. M. Krijnen
Harmen Droogendijk
Ahmad M. K. Dagamseh
Ram K. Jaganatharaja
Jerome Casas
18 Complex Flow Detection by Fast 489(10)
Processing of Sensory Hair Arrays
Christoph Brucker
Ulrich Rist
19 Stress-Driven Artificial Hair Cell for 499(22)
Flow Sensing
Francesco Rizzi
Antonio Qualtieri
Lily D. Chambers
Gianmichele Epifani
William M. Megill
M. De Vittorio
20 Snookie: An Autonomous Underwater 521
Vehicle with Artificial Lateral-Line System
Andreas N. Vollmayr
Stefan Sosnowski
Sebastian Urban
Sandra Hirche
J. Leo van Hemmen