Computational Electromagnetics : Proceedings of the Gamm Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics, Kiel, Germany, January 26-28, 2001 (Lecture Notes


Computational Electromagnetics : Proceedings of the Gamm Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics, Kiel, Germany, January 26-28, 2001 (Lecture Notes

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Full Description

The dimmed outlines of phenomenal things all into one another unless we put on the merge focusing-glass of theory, and screw it up some- times to one pitch of definition and sometimes to another, so as to see down into different depths through the great millstone of the world James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1879) For a long time after the foundation of the modern theory of electromag- netism by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century, the mathematical ap- proach to electromagnetic field problems was for a long time dominated by the analytical investigation of Maxwell's equations. The rapid development of computing facilities during the last century has then necessitated appropriate numerical methods and algorithmic tools for the simulation of electromagnetic phenomena. During the last few decades, a new research area "Computational Electromagnetics" has emerged com- prising the mathematical analysis, design, implementation, and application of numerical schemes to simulate all kinds of relevant electromagnetic pro- cesses. This area is still rapidly evolving with a wide spectrum of challenging issues featuring, among others, such problems as the proper choice of spatial discretizations (finite differences, finite elements, finite volumes, boundary elements), fast solvers for the discretized equations (multilevel techniques, domain decomposition methods, multipole, panel clustering), and multiscale aspects in microelectronics and micromagnetics.

Table of Contents

    Gauged Current Vector Potential and            1  (11)
Reentrant Corners in the FEM Analysis of 3D
Eddy Currents
Oszkar Biro
Kurt Preis
Finite Elements for the Time Harmonic 11 (12)
Maxwell's Equations
Daniele Boffi
Trace Theorems on Non-Smooth Boundaries for 23 (12)
Functional Spaces Related to Maxwell
Equations: an Overview
Annalisa Buffa
Applications of the Mortar Element Method 35 (16)
to 3D Electromagnetic Moving Structures
Annalisa Buffa
Yvon Maday
Francesca Rapetti
Numerical Stability of Collocation Schemes 51 (18)
for Time Domain Boundary Integral Equations
Penny Davies
Dugald Duncan
hp-Adaptive Finite Elements for Maxwell's 69 (16)
Leszek Demkowicz
Coupled Calculation of Eigenmodes 85 (18)
H.-W. Glock
K. Rothemund
U. van Rienen
Boundary Element Methods for Eddy Current 103(24)
Ralf Hiptmair
A Simple Proof of Convergence for an Edge 127(16)
Element Discretization of Maxwell's
Peter Monk
The Time-Harmonic Eddy-Current Problem in 143(22)
General Domains: Solvability via Scalar
Ana Alonso Rodriguez
Paolo Fernandes
Alberto Valli
Finite Element Micromagnetics 165(18)
Thomas Schrefl
Dieter Suess
Werner Scholz
Hermann Forster
Vassilios Tsiantos
Josef Fidler
Finite Integration Method and Discrete 183(16)
Thomas Weiland
Appendix. Color Plates 199