Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics : Proceedings of the International Conference, Dark 2002, Cape Town, South Africa, 4-9 February 2002 (Advan


Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics : Proceedings of the International Conference, Dark 2002, Cape Town, South Africa, 4-9 February 2002 (Advan

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Full Description

The search for Dark Matter in the Universe has established itself as one of the most exciting and central fields of astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology. The lectures and talks in this book emphasize the experimental and theoretical status and future perspectives, stressing in particular the interplay between astro- and particle physics.

Table of Contents

Part I Astronomical Evidence for Dark Matter
Large-Scale Structure from Galaxy and Cluster
L. Guzzo 3 (13)
The Dark Mass at the Center of the Milky Way
A. Eckart and Ch. Straubmeier 16 (12)
Dim Matter in the Disks of Low Surface
Brightness Galaxies
B. Fuchs 28 (8)
Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei
G.M. Madejski 36 (10)
Comparison of Black Hole and Fermion Ball
Scenarios of the Galactic Center
N. Bilic et al 46 (7)
Dark Matter and Baryons in Groups and
Clusters of Galaxies
N. Menci, A. Cavaliere and A. Lapi 53 (9)
Baryonic Dark Matter and Machos
K. Griest 62 (9)
The Next Generation Microlensing Search:
A.J. Drake et al 71 (8)
Dynamics of Dark Matter Cusps
D. Merritt and M. Milosavljevic 79 (11)
Testing Hierarchical Structure Formation
C. Cress 90 (11)
Part II Cosmic Microwave Background
Cosmology Rounding the Cape
A. Melchiorri 101(18)
Large Scale Structure in an Era of Precision
CMB Measurements
A.R. Cooray 119(12)
Astrophysical Constraints on Neutralino Dark
Matter from Multifrequency Observations of
Galaxy Clusters
S. Colafrancesco 131(18)
Part III Thermodynamics of Dark Matter
On the Formation of Degenerate Heavy Fermion
R. Lindebaum et al 149(7)
The Self-Gravitating Fermi Gas
P.-H. Chavanis 156(8)
Dark Matter in the Halo of the Galaxy
N. Bilic, G.B. Tupper and R.D. Viollier 164(11)
Part IV Supersymmetry and Dark Matter
Supersymmetry and Dark Matter
R. Arnowitt and B. Dutta 175(14)
On WIMP Detection Rates in Constrained SUSY
L. Roszkowski 189(13)
Status of Supersymmetry in the Light of
Recent Experiments
U. Chattopadhyay, A. Corsetti and P. Nath 202(15)
Theoretical Directional and Modulated Rates
for Direct SUSY Dark Matter Detection
J.D. Vergados 217(11)
Nonthermal Production of Gravitinos and
Inflatinos in the Inflationary Universe
P. Nilles and M. Peloso 228(10)
Supersymmetric Dark Matter and Recent
Experimental Constraints
A. B. Lahanas, D. V. Nanopoulos and V. C. 238(8)
Axinos as Cold Dark Matter Candidate
J.E. Kim 246(9)
LEP Constraints on Susy Dark Matter
S. Rosier-Lees 255(12)
Part V Inflation and Dark Energy
Cosmology from Large Scale Structure
A.J.S. Hamilton et al 267(7)
Natural Quintessence and the Brane World
C.P. Burgess 274(11)
Self-Tuning Solution of the Cosmological
Constant Problem with Antisymmetric Tensor
H. M. Lee 285(8)
Bad News for Tracking Quintessence
S.A. Bludman 293(3)
Gauged Inflation
R. Hofmann and M.Th. Keil 296(10)
Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Chaplygin Gas
N. Bilic, G.B. Tupper and R.D. Viollier 306(6)
Dark Matter Distribution from Gravitational
Entropy Evolution
M.P. Leubner 312(10)
Cosmology with a Long-Range Repulsive Force
W.H. Kinney, M. Brisudova and R. Woodard 322(11)
Part VI Structure Formation and Dark Matter
Constraining Dark Matter Candidates from
Structure Formation
C. Boehm, P. Fayet and R. Schaeffer 333(12)
Dark Matter-Photon Interactions: Are They
C. Boehm and K.B. Bruce 345(11)
Scalar Field Dark Matter and Galaxy Formation
M. Alcubierre et al 356(11)
Part VII Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Hot
Dark Matter: Phenomenology and Experiments
Status of Evidence for Neutrinoless Double
Beta Decay
H. V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, A. Dietz and 367(37)
I. V. Krivosheina
Evidence for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Revisited - Reply to a Comment
H. V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, A. Dietz and 404(8)
I. V. Krivosheina
Neutrinos: Summarizing the State-of-the-Art
J.W.F. Valle 412(23)
New Constraints on Massive Degenerate
Neutrinos from Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis and
Cosmic Microwave Background Fluctuations
T. Kajino et al 435(6)
Neutrino Mass from Tritium B Decay
E. Otten 441(8)
KATRIN: The Future of Tritium Beta Decay
M. Steidl (for the KATRIN collaboration) 449(10)
Part VIII Direct Dark Matter Searches
WIMP Search by the DAMA Experiment at Gran
R. Bernabei et al 459(14)
GENIUS and GENIUS-TF-The Potential for Cold
Dark Matter and Solar Neutrino Searches
H. V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus and I. V. 473(12)
ZEPLIN III - A Two Phase Xenon Dark Matter
J. Dawson et al 485(7)
ZEPLIN IV: A One Ton WIMP Detector
D.B. Cline 492(7)
Status of Direct Dark Matter Detection
Experiments at the Boulby Mine
N.J.T. Smith (for the Boulby Dark Matter 499(10)
Dark Matter Search in the EDELWEISS Experiment
A. Juillard et al 509(8)
The CRESST Dark Matter Search Status and
W. Seidel et al 517(7)
The Status of SIMPLE in 2002
J.I. Collar et al 524(7)
Part IX Indirect Dark Matter Searches
Atmospheric Neutrinos, WIMPs and Monopoles:
Physics with the AMANDA Neutrino Telescope
W. Rhode (for the AMANDA Collaboration) 531(11)
Dark Matter Prospects with the ANTARES
Neutrino Telescope
L. Thompson (on behalf of the ANTARES 542(11)
Part X Neutrino Oscillation Experiments and New
Underground Laboratories
Results and Implications of First SNO
A. Hirne (for the SNO Collaboration) 553(11)
Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
K. Zuber 564(11)
Future Underground Laboratory in Finland
J. Peltoniemi (for CUPP project group) 575(10)
Part XI Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Anti-Matter and
Dark Matter
Clustering, GUT Scale and Neutrino Masses in
Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays
Z. Fodor 585(12)
Cosmic Anti-Matter and Dark Matter Searches
with AMS-02 on the International Space
Station ISS
W. Wallraff (for the AMS collaboration) 597(12)
Absolute Neutrino Mass Phenomenology
H. Pas and T.J. Weiler 609(18)
Part XII Concluding Remarks
DARK 2002 and Beyond, Concluding Remarks for
Dark 2002
J. Ellis 627(1)
Author Index 628(1)
List of Participants 628