Life Sciences and Radiation : Accomplishments and Future Directions (2004. XIV, 285 p.)


Life Sciences and Radiation : Accomplishments and Future Directions (2004. XIV, 285 p.)

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Full Description

Scope and ideas of the workshop The workshop which took place at the University of Giessen from Oct. 3 to Oct. 7, 2002 and whose proceedings are collected in this volume started from the idea to convene a number of scientists with the aim to outline their "visions" for the future of radiation research on the basis of their expertise. As radiation research is a very wide field restrictions were unavoidable. It was decided to concentrate this time mainly on molecular and cellular biology because it was felt that here action is par-ticularly needed. This did not exclude contributions from neighbouring fields as may be seen from the table of contents. It was clearly not planned to have a c- prehensive account of the present scientif fic achievements but the results presented should only serve as a starting point for the discussion of future lines of research, with the emphasis on the "outreach" to other parts of life sciences. If you are interested in the future ask the young - we attempted, therefore, to invite mainly younger colleagues (with a few exceptions) who had, however, already left their marks in the field. They were asked to describe what they felt is important in radiation research and may have significant influences on other branches of life sciences. They were given the task to demonstrate what is lost for science "if we do no longer exist".

Table of Contents

Preface                                            V
J gen Kiefer
Workshop Participants XI
Introductory Remarks: On the State of Radiation 1 (8)
J gen Kiefer
Cellular Responses, Genomic Stability
Cellular Responses to DNA Damage - a Personal 9 (20)
George Iliakis
Prospects for Research in Radiation Biology 29 (16)
Charles L. Limoli
Cellular and Molecular Aspects of the 45 (12)
Anti-inflammatory Action of Low Dose Ionizing
Peter M. Kern
The Network of Radiation Responses and 57 (12)
Genomic Stability
Friederike Eckardt-Schupp, Simone M tl,
and Eberhard Fritz
Topological Factors in Radiation Biology 69 (12)
Anna A. Friedl
Molecular Radiation Biology-Perspectives for 81 (12)
the Future
H. Peter Rodemann
P53 Stabilization and the Role of 93 (10)
Radiation-Induced Signalling
Christine Blattner, Markus Winter and Roman
Molecular Genetic Mechanisms of 103(8)
Radiocarcinogenesis and Predictive Markers
for Radioresistance in Tumors- Present Work
and Future Perspectives -
Ludwig Hieber and Horst Zitzelsberger
FISH and CHIPs: Colorful Clues to 111(10)
Radiation-Induced Chromosomal Instability
Tanja Hardt, Karen Stout, Frank Guthermuth,
J gen Kiefer, and Thomas Haaf
Carcinogenesis, Radiation Protection
Recombination and Radiation-Induced Cancer. 121(18)
Mechanisms and Genetic Testing
Jochen Dahm-Daphi , Petra Hubbe
UV-Radiation Biology as Part of Cancer 139(18)
R. Greinert, E.W. Breitbart, B. Volkmer
Contribution of Radiation Research to Human 157(14)
Space Exploration: Approaches to mitigate
Radiation Health Risk in Spaceflight
Marco Durante
Radiation Damage and Human Cells: You have to 171(8)
know one to understand the other
Markus L rich
Different Means to an End: DNA Double-Strand 179(10)
Break Repair
Kai Rothkamm
Impact of Physical Developments
Electrostatistics of DNA Complexes 189(22)
Roland R. Netz
Future Radiobiology at Accelerators: From 211(14)
Heavy Ion Therapy to Basic Research
Gerhard Kraft
Targeting Radiation at the Subcellular, 225(10)
Cellular and Tissue Levels: Future Strategies
Kevin Al. Prise, M. Folkard, Boris Vojnovic
and B.D. Michael
The PTB - a Competent and Reliable Partner 235(14)
for Research and Development Projects in the
Field of Ionizing Radiation
J gen B m
General Issues
Life Sciences and Radiation Research - 249(10)
Examples from the Past
J gen Kiefer
Need and Importance of Further Research in 259(8)
the Field of Radiation
P.N. Srivastava, R.N. Sharan
Reflections on the Acceptability of the Use 267(4)
of Ionizing Radiation to German Society
J gen B m
Janus Face of Radiation Biology and Science 271(8)
for the Future
Ohtsura Niwa
Postscript: Thoughts on the Future of 279
Radiation Research and its Impact on Life
J gen Kiefer