Arthroplasty of the Spine (2004. VII, 164 p. w. 159 ill.)


Arthroplasty of the Spine (2004. VII, 164 p. w. 159 ill.)

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Also published as Volume 11, Supplement 2, October 2002, of the European Spine Journal.

Full Description

Joint replacement is a logical step in the treatment of severe joint pathologies with irreversible lesions resisting conservative therapy. At the spinal level, arthrodesis became, very early, the gold standard of treatment for severe intervertebral disc pathologies. The next logical step was to envision functional replacement, and this step was taken as early as 1956, when the first intervertebral implant was described. However, it took many more years and a great variety of proposed implant designs before clinical applications could be attempted.

Table of Contents

Arthroplasty of the spine: the long quest 1 (2)
for mobility
R. Gunzburg
H. M. Mayer
M. Szpalski
M. Aebi
Spine arthroplasty: a historical review 3 (20)
M. Szpalski
R. Gunzburg
M. Mayer
With 37 Figures
Non-fusion technology in degenerative 23 (7)
lumbar spinal disorders: facts, questions,
H. M. Mayer
A. Korge
With 6 Figures and 7 Tables
Cervical motion segment replacement 30 (6)
V. E. Bryan Jr
With 5 Figures and 3 Tables
History, design and biomechanics of the 36 (8)
LINK SB Charite artificial disc
H. D. Link
With 13 Figures and 1 Table
Artificial disc: preliminary results of a 44 (5)
prospective study in the United States
S. H. Hochschuler
D. D. Ohnmeiss
R. D. Guyer
S. L. Blumenthal
With 5 Figures
Optimal minimally traumatic approach for 49 (4)
the SB Charite™ Artificial Disc
K. Buttner-Janz
With 1 Figure
Maverick total lumbar disk prosthesis: 53 (6)
biomechanics and preliminary clinical
J. C. Le Huec
S. Aunoble
T. Friesem
H. Mathews
T. Zdeblick
With 6 Figures and 1 Table
Total disc replacement arthroplasty using 59 (9)
the AcroFlex lumbar disc: a non-human
primate model
B. W. Cunningham
G. L. Lowery
H. A. Serhan
A. E. Dmitriev
C. M. Orbegoso
P. C. McAfee
R. D. Fraser
R. E. Ross
S. S. Kulkarni
With 6 Figures
Minimally invasive total disc replacement: 68 (7)
surgical technique and preliminary clinical
H. M. Mayer
K. Wiechert
A. Korge
I. Qose
With 9 Figures and 2 Tables
Indications for full prosthetic disc 75 (6)
arthroplasty: a correlation of clinical
outcome against a variety of indications
R. Bertagnoli
S. Kumar
With 5 Figures and 1 Table
The PDN® prosthetic disc-nucleus device 81 (6)
C. D. Ray
With 3 Figures
Surgical and clinical results with the 87 (6)
PDN® prosthetic disc-nucleus device
R. Bertagnoli
R. Schonmayr
With 6 Figures
A spiral implant as nucleus prosthesis in 93 (5)
the lumbar spine
A. Korge
Th. Nydegger
J. L. Polard
H. M. Mayer
J. L. Husson
With 4 Figures and 2 Tables
Nucleus prosthesis: a new concept 98 (3)
A. Studer
Graf ligamentoplasty: a 7-year follow-up 101(7)
A. Gardner
K. C. Pande
With 10 Figures
Mechanical supplementation by non-rigid 108(6)
fixation in degenerative intervertebral
lumbar segments: the Wallis system
J. Senegas
With 6 Figures
The dynamic neutralization system for the 114(9)
spine: a multi-center study of a novel
non-fusion system
T. M. Stoll
G. Dubois
O. Schwarzenbach
With 5 Figures and 8 Tables
The objectives for the mechanical 123(7)
evaluation of spinal instrumentation have
D.S. McNally
With 6 Figures
Development and preclinical testing of a 130(6)
new tension-band device for the spine: the
Loop system
M. D. Garner
S. J. Wolfe
S. D. Kuslich
With 4 Figures and 1 Table
Elastic stabilization alone or combined 136(6)
with rigid fusion in spinal surgery: a
biomechanical study and clinical experience
based on 82 cases
S. Caserta
G. A. La Maida
B. Misaggi
D. Peroni
R. Pietrabissa
M. T. Raimondi
A. Redaelli
With 10 Figures and 3 Tables
Rationale, principles and experimental 142(8)
evaluation of the concept of soft
R. C. Mulholland
D. K. Sengupta
With 3 Figures
A potential role for cell-based 150(9)
therapeutics in the treatment of
intervertebral disc herniation
T. M. Ganey
H. J. Meisel
With 7 Figures
A biological approach to treating disc 159
degeneration: not for today, but maybe for
M. Alini
P. J. Roughley
J. Antoniou
T. Stoll
M. Aebi
With 2 Figures and 1 Table