Exploring the Atmosphere by Remote Sensing Techniques (Lecture Notes in Physics Vol.607) (2003. 370 p.)

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Exploring the Atmosphere by Remote Sensing Techniques (Lecture Notes in Physics Vol.607) (2003. 370 p.)

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Full Description

Only satellite-based remote-sensing instruments generate the wealth of global data on the concentrations of atmospheric constituents that are necessary for long-term monitoring of the atmosphere. This set of courses and lectures sponsored by ICTP in Trieste focuses on remote sensing for atmospheric applications and inverse methods to assess atmospheric components, gases, aerosols and clouds. It addresses primarily graduate students and young researchers in the atmospheric sciences but will be useful for all those wishing to study various techniques for exploring the atmosphere by remote sensing. Contributions span topics such as on IGOS (Integrated Global Observing Strategy), electromagnetic scattering by non-spherical particles, forward-modelling requirements and the information content problem, Earth radiation, and aerosol monitoring by LIDAR.

Table of Contents

Global Measurement Networks for Atmospheric
Paul C. Simon, Polymnia Skarlas 1 (13)
Atmospheric Observations in the Perspective of
Changing Climate and Environment, and the
Synergy Between Ground-Based, Airborne and
Space-Based Measurements
Martine De Mazi鑽e 14 (36)
A Review of Forward-Modeling Requirements
Knut Stammes 50 (27)
Electromagnetic Scattering by Nonspherical
Michael I. Mishehenko, Larry D. Travis 77 (51)
Modelling Information Content Problems of the
Radiative Transfer Theory
Rodolfo Guzzi, Oleg Smoktg 128(26)
The Earth Radiation
Giuseppe Dalu 154(29)
Analytical Inverse Methods for Aerosol Retrieval
Kusiel S. Shifrin 183(42)
Studying Atmospheric Aerosol by Lidar
Gian Paolo Gobbi 225(17)
Remote Sounding of the Stratosphere by the
Occultation Method: The ORA Experiment
Didier Fussen, Filip Vanhellemont, Christine 242