Pure Economic Loss (Tort and Insurance Law Vol.9) (2003. 250 p.)


Pure Economic Loss (Tort and Insurance Law Vol.9) (2003. 250 p.)

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Full Description

Today, pure economic loss is probably one of the main problems in expanding tort law. In some countries, it is associated with uncontrollable and unforeseeable floods of claims to which there may be no end. In this book, leading authors shed light on the subject. An attempt is made to include a possible road towards a common European denominator on compensation for pure economic loss. The perspectives presented in this book are manifold. Contributions on the following topics are included: pure economic loss under specific national legal systems and from several comparative law perspectives, legal and economic analyses, tortious liability of banks and auditors, and an outlook on further developments.

Table of Contents

        List of Contributors                       xii
Pure Economic Loss: A Comparative 1 (40)
Willem H. van Boom
An Introduction to the Problem -- 1 (14)
Elemental Differences in Approach
Introduction 1 (3)
Survey of the Various Legal Systems and 4 (11)
Their Approaches to the Problem
Specific Topics in the Area of Pure 15 (16)
Economic Loss
Deliberate and Intentional Infliction 15 (1)
of Pure Economic Loss
Are Contracts Protected in Tort? 16 (3)
Reliance, Negligent Statements, and 19 (5)
Defective Services
The Ever Decreasing Circles of Pure 24 (7)
Economic Loss
Why Should Pure Economic Loss Be Treated 31 (6)
Systematic Hierarchy, Policy or 31 (2)
Accident of History?
Floodgates and the Fear of Indeterminacy 33 (2)
Other Policy Considerations 35 (2)
Directions for the Future 37 (2)
Fully Excluding Pure Economic Loss is 37 (1)
Neither Fair nor Just or Reasonable
Following the Path of Categorisation 38 (1)
Turning the Flood as It Comes 39 (1)
Concluding Remarks 39 (2)
Compensation for Pure Economic Loss Under 41 (7)
French Law
Christophe Rade
Laurent Bloch
The Theoretical Reparation of Pure 41 (3)
Economic Loss
The Classification of Losses 42 (1)
The Principle of Full Reparation 43 (1)
The Technical Obstacles to the Reparation 44 (4)
of Pure Economic Loss
Legal Unadapted Requirements 44 (1)
Strict Jurisprudential Requirements 45 (2)
The Autonomy of Economic Loss 47 (1)
Compensation for Pure Economic Loss Under 48 (8)
Italian Law
Riccardo Omodei-Sale
Alessio Zaccaria
The Notion of ``Pure Economic Loss'' 48 (1)
Unjust Damage and the Right to the 48 (1)
Integrity of Property
Tortious Protection Against Credit 49 (1)
Infringement: Damages Arising from Debtor
The Damage Arising from the Employee's 50 (1)
Temporary Invalidity
Third Party's Breach of Contract 51 (1)
Prospectus Liability 52 (1)
Cable-Cutting Cases 53 (1)
Loss of a Favourable Opportunity (i.e. 54 (1)
Damages Arising from Producer Discredit 54 (2)
Compensation for Pure Economic Loss Under 56 (6)
Japanese Law
Kunihiko Okubo
Introduction 56 (1)
Conditions for Tort Liability, in 57 (3)
Particular Wrongfulness
The View of the Authors of the Japanese 57 (1)
Civil Code
Past Doctrine and the Development of 58 (1)
the Case Law
Shaping of the Prevailing Doctrine 58 (1)
Case Law 59 (1)
Parties Outside the Scope of the 60 (2)
Protective Purpose of the Violated
Provision (``Indirectly Damaged Parties'')
The ``Transferred'' ``Indirect Damage'' 61 (1)
The Formally ``Indirectly Damaged'' 61 (1)
Compensation for Pure Economic Loss Under 62 (15)
Spanish Law
Miquel Martin-Casals
Jordi Ribot
The Spanish Approach 62 (1)
How Are the Floodgates Shut? 63 (3)
Unlawfulness 63 (2)
Fault 65 (1)
Lack of Certainty or Directness of 65 (1)
Cases 66 (11)
Directly Inflicted Pure Economic Loss 66 (6)
Relational Pure Economic Loss 72 (5)
The Liability of Banks 77 (16)
Susanne Kalss
General Considerations 77 (2)
Bridging the Gap by Means of Liability 79 (1)
Different Situations 80 (1)
Pure Economic Loss 80 (2)
Credit Information 82 (5)
Investment Services and Securities 87 (1)
Prospectus Liability 87 (5)
Concluding Remarks 92 (1)
Auditors' Liability 93 (9)
W. V. Horton Rogers
Compensation for Pure Economic Loss from a 102(39)
Common Lawyer's Perspective
Christian Witting
Introduction 102(2)
Characterisation of Damage 104(2)
Protection in Tort 106(6)
General 106(1)
Contract and Tort: Historical 106(2)
Contract and Tort: Theoretical Ambit 108(3)
Intentional Tort 111(1)
Negligence 111(1)
The Scope of Duty in Negligence 112(3)
General 112(1)
Foreseeability 113(1)
Proximity 114(1)
Fair, Just & Reasonable 114(1)
Consequential Economic Loss 115(1)
The Categories of Pure Economic Loss 116(1)
Structures and Products 116(8)
The Rules 116(7)
Justifications for Restricting Liability 123(1)
Relational Economic Loss 124(9)
General 124(1)
Persons 124(1)
Property 125(6)
Caveat 131(1)
Justifications 131(2)
Misstatements/Services 133(7)
General 133(1)
Assumption of Responsibility 134(2)
Reliance 136(1)
Extended Hedley Byrne Cases 137(3)
Conclusions 140(1)
Compensation for Pure Economic Loss from a 141(21)
Continental Lawyer's Perspective
Helmut Koziol
The Nature of Pure Economic Loss 141(1)
The Relevant Factors for Varying 142(3)
The Floodgate Argument 142(2)
The Nature of the Interest 144(1)
The Value of the Interest 144(1)
First Conclusions 145(1)
The Accepted Scope of Protection of 145(4)
Economic Interests
Contractual Liability 145(1)
Near-contractual Relationship 146(1)
Statement to Guide Third Parties 147(1)
Consequential Loss 148(1)
Intentional Infliction of Harm 148(1)
Infringement of Contracts 148(1)
Relational Loss 148(1)
Relevant Rules on Establishing Liability 149(3)
for Economic Loss
Restricted Numbers of Potential 149(1)
No Additional Duties of Care 149(1)
Proximity and Special Relations 150(1)
Dangerousness 150(1)
Dependence 150(1)
Obviousness and Actual Knowledge 151(1)
Clear Contours 151(1)
Negligence and Intent 151(1)
Importance of the Financial Loss for 152(1)
the Plaintiff
Defendant's Economic Interest 152(1)
Development of a Flexible System of 152(10)
Liability for Pure Economic Loss
The Idea of a Flexible System in General 152(1)
Combination of the Rules and 153(1)
Examples of the Outcome 154(7)
Conclusions 161(1)
Pure Economic Loss and Liability Insurance 162(5)
Christian Lahnstein
In What Areas of Liability Insurance Does 162(1)
Pure Economic Loss Play a Role?
How Do Limits of Liability Relate to 163(1)
Limits of Insurance in the Case of Pure
Economic Loss?
Time-Related Aspects of Pure Economic Loss 164(1)
Limits in the Amount of Liability and 165(2)
The Economics of Pure Economic Loss and the 167(24)
Internalisation of Multiple Externalities
Giuseppe Dari Mattiacci
Abstract 167(1)
Introduction: Legal Doctrines Versus 167(5)
Economic Analysis
An (Unsettled) Intellectual History of 172(2)
the Economic Theories of Pure Economic
Revising the Economic Approach 174(2)
Pure Economic Loss and the Simultaneous 174(1)
Internalisation of Positive and
Negative Externalities
Capacity as Precaution: Unilateral, 175(1)
Bilateral, and Trilateral Precaution
A Formal Analysis of the Pure Economic 176(8)
Loss Problem
Unilateral Precaution Accidents 177(2)
Bilateral Precaution Accidents (Injurer 179(3)
and Victim)
Bilateral Precaution Accidents (Injurer 182(1)
and Gainer)
Trilateral Precaution Accidents 183(1)
New Hypotheses on the Economics of Pure 184(5)
Economic Loss
Genesis and Physiology of the Pure 184(1)
Economic Loss Problem: Internalising
Positive Externalities Through Tort Law
Phenomenology of the Pure Economic Loss 185(1)
Problem: The Divergence Between Private
and Social Loss
First Best Solution for the Pure 185(2)
Economic Loss Problem: Decoupling
Positive and Negative Liability alias
Exclusionary Rule Plus Subsidy
Second Best Solutions and Anatomy of 187(2)
Conclusions 189(2)
Outlook 191(15)
Willem H. van Boom
Helmut Koziol
Christian Witting
Introduction: Bridging the Gap 191(1)
A Summary of Previous Chapters 192(3)
Tort Law Protection of Contracts 192(1)
Banks, Auditors, and Third-Party Losses 192(1)
Pure Economic Third-Party Loss in Cases 193(2)
of Death, Personal Injury, and Property
How Useful Are the Instruments That Are 195(3)
Commonly Used to Keep Liability Within
Reasonable Limits?
General Remarks 195(1)
Dimensions of Protection 195(1)
Tort Rules and Concepts 196(2)
Are There Any Other Instruments to 198(2)
Caps and Funds 198(1)
Clearly Defined Circles of Potential 198(2)
Insurability Issues 200(1)
What Can We Learn from the Law & 201(1)
Economics Approach?
Is Europe Ready for a General Principle 202(4)
on Pure Economic Loss?
The Current Status of Pure Economic 202(1)
Loss in Uniform European Tort Law
Towards a General Clause on Pure 203(3)
Economic Loss?
Publications 206(2)
Index 208