The User's Manual for the Brain : Mastering System Nlp 〈2〉


The User's Manual for the Brain : Mastering System Nlp 〈2〉

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Full Description

This much anticipated volume continues in the tradition of Volume I as the most comprehensive manual published to date covering the NLP Practitioner course. The authors now introduce the latest advances in the field and invite you to reach beyond Practitioner level to Master level where you will develop the very spirit of NLP. Includes exciting new work on:Meta-programs Meta-states Submodalities In addition, this volume introduces the reader to:Advanced Meta-model Distinctions Mind-lines Advanced Time-line Patterns Meta-domains Systemic Model Packed with case studies, seminar demonstrations, discussions and trance scripts, The User's Manual For The Brain Volume II will enable you to develop an attitude and spirit that allows you to apply the NLP Model powerfully.The related paperback title The User's Manual for the Brain Volume I, 39.50.The related CD-ROM title The User's Manual for the Brain Volume I CD, 99.99.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       v
Part One: Introduction to Mastery 1 (64)
Thinking Systemically About NLP 3 (8)
The Cinema of the Mind 11 (26)
The Pathway to Mastery 37 (28)
Part Two: Mastering the Four Meta-Domains of 65 (166)
Mastering the States Our Movies Create 67 (14)
Mastering Meta-States 81 (30)
Meta-Stating Mastery 111(22)
``Sub-Modalities'' as Editorial Meta-Levels 133(14)
Meta-Modalities 147(12)
Mastering Programs of Perception 159(18)
An Advance Listing of Meta-Programs 177(28)
The Meta-Representation System 205(14)
Meta-Magic and Extended Meta-Model 219(12)
Part Three: Systemic NLP 231(58)
Systemic NLP 233(20)
Meta-States as a Unifying Field Theory 253(14)
NLP Unified Field Theories 267(22)
Part Four: Modeling with Systemic NLP 289(42)
The NLP-Enriched Strategy Model 291(18)
Modeling Using Meta-Levels 309(22)
Part Five: Personal Mastery 331(124)
Mastering Trance 333(24)
Mind-Lines: Conversationally Reframing 357(20)
Using Mind-Lines in Everyday Life 377(18)
Presuppositional Languaging: Part I 395(18)
Presuppositional Languaging: Part II 413(20)
Practical NLP 433(18)
NLP Mastery 451(4)
Bibliography 455(5)
The authors 460