Ildanach Ildirech : A Festschrift for Proinsias Mac Cana

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Ildanach Ildirech : A Festschrift for Proinsias Mac Cana

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Full Description

An exploration of the links between the languages, cultures and traditions of the Celtic peoples of Ireland and Britain through an analysis of literary sources, place or people names and the Gaelic language. Twenty-six English, Gaelic or French essays, include extracts from Celtic texts, accompanied by detailed commentaries, and comparisons between these three main areas of influence.

Table of Contents

PREFACE                                            v
JOHN CAREY, The Finding of Arthur's Grave: A 1 (14)
Story from Clonmacnoise?
T.M. CHARLES-EDWARDS, Britons in Ireland, c. 15 (12)
D. ELLIS EVANS, Onomaris: Name of Story and 27 (12)
R. GERAINT GRUFFYDD, A Welsh Dark Age' Court 39 (10)
ERIC P. HAMP, Old Irish Credne, cerd, Welsh 49 (4)
ANTHONY HARVEY, Some Observations on 53 (10)
Celtic-Latin Name Formation
JOHN T. KOCH, A Swallowed Onomastic Tale in 63 (18)
Cath Maige Mucrama?
PIERRE-YVES LAMBERT, Gloses en vieil-irlandais: 81 (16)
la glose grammaticale abregee
GWENAヒL LE DUC, Existe-t-il des repr駸entations 97 (4)
du dieu Lugh?
CATHERINE McKENNA, Learning Lordship: The 101(20)
Education of Manawydan
JOSEPH FALAKY NAGY, The Irish Herald 121(10)
DモNALL P. モ BAOILL, Forbairt na nGutai i 131(26)
nGaeilge Uladh
SノAMAS モ CATHチIN, Searmanas Cois Teallaigh 157(12)
Choigilt na Tine
TOMチS モ CONCHEANAINN, Br饌gfhoirmeacha, t騁 169(12)
agus t騁 cliss, i dTochmharc Eimhire
BRIAN モ CUIV, An Greann i Saothar An Athar 181(6)
Peadar Ua Laoghaire
PADRAIG モ RIAIN, Finnio and Winniau: A Return 187(16)
to the Subject
ERIC H. POPPE, Grammatica, grammatic, 203(8)
Augustine, and the T 
KARL HORST SCHMIDT, Syntactica 211(4)

PATRICK SIMS-WILLIAMS, A Turkish-Celtic Problem 215(16)

in Chr騁ien de Troyes: The Name Clig駸

EDGAR M. SLOTKIN, More on Modified Narrative 231(14)

Repetition in Fled Bricrenn

NATHALIE STALMANS, La place de la maladie dans 245(10)

la pens馥 d'Adomn疣 - R饌lit et symbole

CLAUDE STERCKX, Sucellos et Val駻ia Luperca 255(8)

HILDEGARD L.C. TRISTRAM, Mimesis and Diegesis 263(14)

in the Cattle Raid of Cuailnge

T. ARWYN WATKINS, Trefn Goddrych a Berf yng 277(12)

Ngosodiad Cadarnhaol Cyfieithiad Cymraeg o

'Bestiaire D'Amour'

GRUFFYDD ALED WILLIAMS, The Feasting Aspects of 289(14)

Hirlas Owein


Theological Tracts 303