Understanding the Present : Alternative History of Science (Reprint)

Understanding the Present : Alternative History of Science (Reprint)

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Scientists have never seemed so fallible - or even so dangerous. But today, more than ever before, an understanding of modern science is essential for anyone seeking to define the nature of man and his place in the universe. Since Galileo looked through his telescope in 1609 and set eyes upon the moon, mankind's gaze has been drawn, by science and its disciplines, out beyond our narrow world to the infinite spaces of the cosmos. Bryan Appleyard charts the progression of scientific knowledge, from Copernicus and Descartes to Einstein and Hawking, and its devastating impact on mankind's belief in his dominant role in the universe.


Preface xi Introduction xvii 1 Science works, but is it the truth? 1 2 The birth of science 17 3 The humbling of man 48 4 Defending the faith 79 5 From scientific horror to the green solution 110 6 A new strange mask for science 138 7 New wonders...new meanings 168 8 The assault on the self 199 9 The humbling of science 227 Glossary 251 Notes 261 Bibliography 268 Index 273 001 1860649254 TOCP List of Tables and Maps viii Abbreviations ix Preface xiii Acknowledgements xxii Part One 1 The Politics and Policies of International Development 3 2 The Development Process in Jordan 41 Part Two 3 Questions of Method: Definitions of a Researchers Space 97 4 Beginnings: The Queen Alia Fund:1977 A-1984 113 5 Mobilizing for Development: The Fund from 1984 into the late 1990s 135 6 The Fund in Transition 185 Epilogue: The Beginning of a New Era 222 Bibliography 233 Index 262