Winning Chess : How to Perfect Your Attacking Play (Reprint)

Winning Chess : How to Perfect Your Attacking Play (Reprint)

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Full Description

Winning Chess is a truly classic chess book, beloved of chess-mad teenagers since it was first published in 1970, updated and repackaged in algebraic format. Written in lively, conversational style by two prolific and popular chess authors, it is aimed at players who have gone past the beginner stage and want to take their game to a whole new level. Its imaginative themes and instructional method are timeless, and the whole book is shot through with fun and humour.

Table of Contents

The Language of Chess                              v
How to Use This Book to Advantage -- Your xiii
1 From Googols To Tactics 1 (2)
Chess is as much a mystery as women --
2 Winning Ways 3 (2)
Tactics is the most important element in
the middle-game -- TARRASCH
3 A Spade Is A Spade Is A Spade 5 (2)
`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves
And the mome raths outgrabe
"It seems very pretty" she said when she
finished it, "but it's rather hard to
(You see, she didn't like to confess,
even to herself
that she couldn't make it out at all.)
"Somehow it
seems to fill my head with ideas -- only
I don't
exactly know what they are!" -- LEWIS
4 The Pin 7 (22)
The defensive power of a pinned piece is
only imaginary -- NIMZOVICH
5 The Knight Fork 29 (21)
He was a verray parfit gentil knight. But
for to tellen yow of his array, His hors
were gode, but he was not gay -- CHAUCER
6 Double Attack 50 (17)
All combinations are based on a double
attack -- FINE
7 Discovered Attack 67 (13)
He who has imagination without learning,
has wings and no feet -- JOUBERT
8 Discovered Check 80 (5)
Discovered check is the dive-bomber of
the chessboard -- FINE
9 Double Check 85 (4)
At the basis of every combination there
shines an idea, and though combinations
are without number, the number of ideas
is limited -- ZNOSKO-BOROVSKY
10 The Overworked Piece 89 (10)
If the student forces himself to examine
all the moves that smite, however absurd
they may look at first glance, he is on
the way to becoming a master of tactics
11 Removing The Guard 99 (11)
We must exploit opportunities for
combination whenever they are offered.
Here, there is only an illusory guard,
there, our opponent has a man quite
unguarded, or a double attack is
possible. Over and over again there occur
tactical maneuvers ... and these
opportunities must frequently be created
by a sacrifice -- TARRASCH
12 "No Retreat" 110 (8)
The idea of the combination does not have
to come to us like an inspiration from
heaven. I maintain that in every position
that arises, we should deliberately
search, among other things, for any
pieces which have no retreat. If we see
one, we automatically look to see if it
can be netted -- PURDY
13 The Skewer 118 (9)
The Middle Game is chess in excelsis, the
most beautiful part of the game, in which
a lively imagination can exercise itself
most fully and creatively in conjuring up
magnificent combinations -- TARRASCH
14 Queening Combinations 127 (11)
Every Pawn is a potential Queen -- MASON
15 The Vulnerable First Rank 138 (11)
If a Rook is tied to the back rank to
prevent mate, anything seemingly
protected by it on the file can be taken
16 Breaking Communication 149 (5)
Parting is such sweet sorrow --
17 The Surprise Move 154 (8)
A man surprised is half-beaten -- PROVERB
18 Combined Operations 162 (12)
The scheme of a game is played on
positional line; the decision of it, as a
rule, is effected by combinations -- RETI
19 Design For Checkmate 174 (16)
A thorough understanding of the typical
mating continuations makes the most
complicated sacrificial combinations
leading up to them not only not
difficult, but almost a matter of course
20 The Manly Art Of Self-Defense 190 (16)
What boots it at one gate to make defense
and at another to let in the foe? --
21 Illustrative Games 206 (19)
Theory looks well on paper, but does not
amount to anything without practice --
Solutions to Quiz Problems 225