The Death of Caligula : Josephus Ant. Iud. XIX 1-273, Translation and Commentary


The Death of Caligula : Josephus Ant. Iud. XIX 1-273, Translation and Commentary

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The emperor Gaius ('Caligula') was assassinated in January A.D.41. Since he was the last of the Julii, and he left no heir, it seemed that the dynasty of Caesar and Augustus was finished.Accordingly, the Republic was restored, but then a coup d'etat by the Praetorian Guard put Claudius in power . . . the dramatic events of these few days are a crucial turning-point in Roman history - the moment when the military basis of the Principate was first made explicit.Tacitus' account has not survived, and Suetonius and Dio Cassisu offer no adequate substitute. Fortunately, the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus chose to insert into his 'Jewish Antiquities' - as an example of the providence of God - a detailed narrative of the assassination plot and its aftermath taken from contemporary and well-informed Roman sources.This new edition of T.P. Wiseman's acclaimed Death of an Emperor (his translation and commentary of Josephus' account of Caligula's assassination) includes an updated bibliography, revised introduction, translation and commentary. Appendix 1 on the Augustan Palatine has been completely revised to take account of recent archaeological information.

Table of Contents

        Illustrations                              vi
Acknowledgements vii
Introduction ix
Abbreviations and Select Bibliography xix
Flavius Josephus, Antiquitates Iudaicae XIX 1 (40)
I Preface 3 (2)
II The Conspiracy 5 (7)
III The Assassination 12 (6)
IV Panic on the Palatine 18 (6)
V The Republic Restored 24 (6)
VI Obituary 30 (2)
VII The Claudius Coup 32 (9)
Note on the Text 41 (2)
Commentary 43 (58)
Appendices: 1 The Augustan Palatine 101(8)
2 Cluvius Rufus 109(8)
Index of Names 117