Time Out of Mind

Time Out of Mind

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Full Description

Who are you when your brain is not you?' Jane Lapotaire is one of the lucky ones. Many people do not survive, let alone live intelligently and well again once they have suffered cerebral haemorrhage. In the long haul back to life - 'nearly dying was the easy bit' - she's learned much, some of it very hard lessons. Some friendships became casualties; family relations had to be redefined; and her work as an actress took a severe battering. The stress of living is felt that much more keenly when 'sometimes I still feel as if I am walking around with my brain outside my body. A brain still all too available for smashing by noise, physical jostling, or any form of harshness'. But she has survived and now believes it herself when people say how lucky she is. This is a very moving, darkly funny, honest book about what happens when the 'you' you've known all your life is no longer the same you.

Table of Contents

Author's Note                                      xiii
Introduction 1 (5)
Nearly Dying Is the Easy Bit 6 (8)
Intensive Care? 14 (11)
On the Move 25 (28)
Up and Out in Paris 53 (22)
Not So Fast 75 (16)
Oh Yes I Do. . . 91 (26)
Head Help 117 (9)
American Brain 126 (8)
Up but Not Away 134 (8)
Down and Out of It 142 (11)
Help! 153 (7)
Round and Round I Go 160 (3)
Midsummer Madness 163 (5)
At the Doctor's 168 (8)
Basic help 176 (10)
Time Off? 186 (15)
Help at Last 201 (7)
Brain and Scales 208 (14)
Brain in Spain, TV and Start Again 222 (9)
Brain Test 231 (9)
Holy, Sound and Analytical Help 240 (17)
Brain-Life-Buoy 257 (17)
Heaven, Hell and Help 274 (15)
More Circles 289 (9)
The End of the Beginning 298 (4)
Glossary 302