Ethics, Equity and International Negotiations on Climate Change

Ethics, Equity and International Negotiations on Climate Change

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Climate change is an issue in which every human being on the planet is a potential stakeholder. Therefore, equity and ethical considerations have an important role to play in determining a climate change response strategy that will prevent the worst case scenario. In this context, the authors of this important new book attempt to provide a better understanding of the practical and analytical issues surrounding climate change negotiations. Each of the chapters reflects on an issue linked to the concepts of ethics, equity and climate change such as economics, morality, politics, rights and law, philosophy, and atmospheric science. The authors, who come from a diverse range of national, disciplinary and sectoral backgrounds, advance pragmatic policy suggestions to enhance international negotiations on climate change and highlight the value of considering more humanistic aspects in the negotiation process.Greenhouse gas emissions are widely considered to be the ultimate environmental externality and consequently an issue of great contemporary concern. This insightful and original treatment of the important issues will be welcomed by climate change negotiators, policymakers, and economic, environmental and social researchers. It will also be of interest to anyone who believes that the negotiation process may benefit from a more deep-rooted shift in social attitudes and beliefs.

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Ethics, equity and climate change: an 1 (6)
Luiz Pinguelli-Rosa
Mohan Munasinghe
Equity, responsibility and climate change 7 (29)
Jose D.G. Miguez
Equity and climate change 36 (11)
Raul A. Estrada-Oyuela
Analysing ethics, equity and climate change 47 (55)
in the sustainomics trans-disciplinary
Mohan Munasinghe
Equity and the Clean Development Mechanism: 102 (35)
equity, additionality, supplementarity
Tariq Banuri
Erika Spanger-Siegfried
Ethics, equity and the Convention on 137 (22)
Climate Change
Maria Silvia Muylaert
Luiz Pinguelli-Rosa
The ethics of international emissions 159 (20)
Hermann E. Ott
Wolfgang Sachs
Index 179