The History of Development : From Western Origins to Global Faith (Updated)

The History of Development : From Western Origins to Global Faith (Updated)

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Contents: definitions of development/ the making of a world system/ the invention of development/ the triumph of third worldism / etc.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition                      vii
Introduction 1 (7)
Definitions of Development 8 (17)
Conventional Thinking
A Methodological Word of Caution
Elements of a Definition
A Scandalous Definition?
`Development' as an Element in the
Religion of Modernity
Metamorphoses of a Western Myth 25 (22)
What the Metaphor Implies
Landmarks in the Western View of History
The Making of a World System 47 (22)
The League of Nations and the Mandate
The Invention of Development 69 (11)
President Truman's Point Four
A New World-view: `Underdevelopment'
US Hegemony
A New Paradigm
The `Development' Age
The International Doctrine and Institutions 80 (13)
Take Root
The Bandung Conference
The New International `Development'
Modernization Poised between History and 93 (16)
A Philosophy of History: Rostow's Stages
of Economic Growth
Anti-communism or Marxism without Marx?
Dissident Voices
The Periphery and the Understanding of 109(14)
Neo-Marxism in the United States
The Latin American Dependentistas
A New Paradigm, but Age-old
Self-Reliance: The Communal Past as a Model 123(17)
for the Future
Ujamaa and the Tanzanian Experience
The Principles of Self-Reliance
Possible Futures for Self-Reliance
The Triumph of Third-Worldism 140(31)
The New International Economic Order
An Original Voice: The 1975 Dag
Hammarskjold Foundation Report on Another
In the Wake of the NIEO: Further Proposals
The `Basic Needs' Approach
The Environment, or the New Nature of 171(26)
The Return to Classical Economics Plus a
Few Humanitarian Extras
`Sustainable Development' or Growth
The Earth Summit
Reflections on Deliberate Ambiguity
A Mixture of Realism and Fine Sentiments 197(14)
The South Commission
The UNDP and `Human Development'
The Postmodern Illusion: Globalization as 211(27)
Simulacrum of `Development'
On the Usefulness of Talking at
Organizations on Reprieve or in Mutation?
Globalization, or Back to Normal
Virtual Reality as a Refuge for
Continuing Belief
Beyond `Development'
Some Thoughts on What is to be Done 238(11)
The Struggle against Poverty: Slogan and 249(10)
Appendix I: President Truman's Point Four 259(2)
Appendix II: Declaration on the Establishment 261(5)
of a New International Economic Order
Bibliography 266(9)
Index 275