Troy C. 1700 - 1250 BC (Fortress, 17)


Troy C. 1700 - 1250 BC (Fortress, 17)

  • 在庫がございません。海外の書籍取次会社を通じて出版社等からお取り寄せいたします。
    1. 納期遅延や、ご入手不能となる場合がございます。
    2. 複数冊ご注文の場合、分割発送となる場合がございます。
    3. 美品のご指定は承りかねます。
  • 【重要:入荷遅延について】

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Full Description

In all the stories told by mankind and recorded through its history, the tale of the siege of Troy is perhaps the greatest secular story ever told. It has certainly captured the western imagination for some 3000 years. Archaeological work has revealed that the site around Hisarlik, where Troy is believed to have been, is considerably larger and more interesting than was previously thought, making it more likely that the Trojan Wars were on the scale implied by Homer. This book reveals the literary, historical and archaeological records which make up the background to the tale of Troy and describes in detail the fortifications of Troy VI (i.e. Homer's Troy) and their correlation to other Bronze Age defence works in the Near East. This book also introduces the reader to the literary, historical and archaeological records which make up the background to the tale of Troy.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       4 (1)
Chronology of major Bronze Age events 5 (3)
Aegean Bronze Age chronology
Trojan Bronze Age chronology
The story so far 8 (5)
A burning ambition
Golden Troy
Old tales, new thoughts
The nine 'cities' of Troy 13(16)
Location and landscape
Troy I (c. 2900-2450 BC, Early Bronze Age
Troy II (c. 2450-2200 BC, Early Bronze
Age II)
Troy III-V (c. 2200-1700 BC, Early Bronze
Age III to Middle Bronze Age)
Troy VI (c. 1700-1250 BC, Middle Bronze
Age to Late Bronze Age)
Troy VII (c. 1250-1050 BC, Late Bronze
Age to Early Iron Age)
Troy VIII (c. 700-85 BC, Archaic to
Hellenistic Periods)
Troy IX (48 BC-AD 550, Roman Period)
Mud-brick construction 29(5)
Modern Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Mud and straw
Taking precautions
Pros and cons
Fortifications of Troy VI 34(12)
Building programmes
Method of construction
Outer defences
`Woman of To-ro-ja' 46(5)
Of sheep and women
Sackers of cities
The Wooden Horse of Troy 51(6)
Harbinger of doom
The 'Assyrian Horse'
Aineias' drill
Alternative means
`The castle of Priam blazing' 57(3)
Against the wind
The stuff of legend
The site today 60(1)
Bibliography 61(1)
Glossary 62(1)
Appendix I: Homeric epithets for Troy 63(1)
Index 64