European Review of Social Psychology: Volume 18 (Special Issues of the European Review of Social Psychology)


European Review of Social Psychology: Volume 18 (Special Issues of the European Review of Social Psychology)

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Full Description

The European Review of Social Psychology is an e-first journal published under the auspices of the European Association of Social Psychology. Visit for the journal's full Aims and Scope.

This volume contains reviews of research programs by leading researchers on central topics of social psychology such as attitudes, social projection, social power, coalition formation, inter-group conflict and strategies to reduce prejudice. To give only a few examples, chapters on attitude range from a social identity approach to attitude research (Smith & Hogg) to a review of findings on the relationship between implicit and explicit measures of attitudes and stereotypes based on data from more than 2 million respondents (Nosek and colleagues). Chapters on intergroup conflict range from a review of research on the interindividual-intergroup discontinuity effect (Wildschut & Insko) to presentations of research programs based on two new theoretical approaches, the revised common ingroup identity model (Dovidio and colleagues) and the ingroup projection model (Wenzel, Mummendey and colleagues). Research on the reduction of prejudice through direct and extended cross-group friendship is discussed by Turner, Hewstone and colleagues.


J. Krueger, From Social Projection to Social Behaviour. B. Nosek, F. Smyth, J. Hansen, T. Devos, N. Lindner, K. Ranganath, C. Tucker Smith, K. Olson, D. Chugh, A. Greenwald, M. Banaji, Pervasiveness and Correlates of Implicit Attitudes and Stereotypes. M. Hogg, J. Smith, Attitudes in Social Context: A Social Identity Perspective. I. Van Beest, E. Van Dijk, Self-interest and Fairness in Coalition Formation: A Social Utility Approach to Understanding Partner Selection and Payoff Allocations in Groups. T. Wildschut, C. Insko, Explanations of Interindividual - Intergroup Discontinuity: A Review of the Evidence. R. Turner, M. Hewstone, A. Voci, S. Paolini, O. Christ, Reducing Prejudice via Direct and Extended Cross-group Friendship. A. Guinote, Behaviour Variability and the Situated Focus Theory of Power. J. Dovidio, S. Gaertner, T. Saguy, Another View of "We": Majority and Minority Group Perspectives on a Common Ingroup Identity. M. Wenzel, A. Mummendey, S. Waldzus, Superordinate Identities and Intergroup Conflict: The Ingroup Projection Model.