Dream Merchants & Howboys : Mavericks, Nutters and the Road to Business Success


Dream Merchants & Howboys : Mavericks, Nutters and the Road to Business Success

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  • 製本 Paperback:紙装版/ペーパーバック版/ページ数 256 p.
  • 言語 ENG
  • 商品コード 9781841124650
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Full Description

The stories of the people captured on the pages within are anything but ordinary. Like you, they had to start somewhere. But ita s not what you do or where you start, but how you do it. It wasna t through maintaining the daily grind (for themselves or others) that got them to the top. It was by building their dreams and doing business in a way that no other had done before them. These Dream Merchants and Howboys live in the Business Icon Hall of Fame in the Sky (ok so maybe one day this will exist). But before they got there they lived somewhere very different. They lived in the land of complete Nutterdom. Retired CEO of Burger King and Fortune turn--around champion, Barry Gibbons, introduces you to this world. Gibbons brings together some of the most famous names in business today. He takes us on a whirlwind tour of the careers, lives and crazy decisions of nutters -- from Walt Disney and Michael Dell to Luciano Benetton and Anita Roddick. All of them made decisions that seemed odd, crazy or downright weird. But they worked. Gibbons, a distinguished madman himself, keeps you hooked with his humour and wit, but never straying from the point of it all.That we can learn from these mavericks. That we can put a little madness into our daily grind. Heck yeh. Steal their ideas! Why should they be famous and not you? Dream Merchants and Howboys may just be the most unconventional business book ever written and firmly cements Gibbonsa reputation as the P.J. Oa Rourke of business.

Table of Contents

i. Genesis.
ii. Genesis Too.
iii. What Should Leaders Do?
iv. Dream Merchants.
x. Howboys.
Dream Merchants and Howboys.
1. Luciano Benetton.
2. James Dyson.
3. Michael Dell.
4. Anita Roddick.
5. Walt Disney.
6. Steve Case.
7. Jürgen Schrempp.
8. Richard Branson.
9. Roberto Goizueta.
10. Tribute to the Unknown Nutter.
11. Steve Jobs.
12. Herb Kellegher.
13. Howard Schultz.
14. Conclusion: Can this stuff work for you?