Stabilization and Adjustment in Egypt : Reform or De-Industrialzation

Stabilization and Adjustment in Egypt : Reform or De-Industrialzation

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This book studies the impact of Egypt's Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Programme (ERSAP), the effects of which have been of great interest to the international community. Organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF uphold the programme as a success story and example for other countries to follow. ERSAP also has its critics, however, who resent its tendency to downsize government and fear possible negative effects on growth and development. The author discusses these concerns along with those regarding the possible negative social effects of ERSAP. This vital and timely study analyses the impact of ERSAP at two distinct levels - macro- and microeconomic. At the macro level the effects of ERSAP on variables including interest and exchange rates, domestic public debt, trade balance, budget deficit and inflation are considered. At the micro level two industrial case studies are considered in detail: the aluminium industry, and the iron and steel industry. Both are energy intensive industries affected specifically by ERSAP's policy of raising energy prices towards parity with world prices. They are also usually considered essential to any serious industrialization process. This book will interest and inform practitioners, policymakers and scholars of economics, industrial economics, development economics and development studies.

Table of Contents

        List of tables                             vi
Acknowledgements ix
About the author xi
Foreword xii
Introduction xiv
Stabilization experience before the 1990s 1 (41)
Economic 'reform' in the 1990s 42 (15)
The macroeconomic effects of ERSAP: 57 (34)
structural reform or Dutch disease?
The main features of the manufacturing sector 91 (21)
The microeconomic effects of ERSAP: 1. The 112(20)
aluminium industry
The microeconomic effects of ERSAP: 2. The 132(23)
iron and steel industry
ERSAP and industrialization: concluding 155(12)
Annexes 167(14)
Bibliography 181(8)
Index 189