How to Cook Better

How to Cook Better

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Shaun Hill explains how your choice of ingredients and cooking processes affects the flavour and texture of your meal. For instance, he explores which cuts of meat suit grilling, roasting, stewing or frying and explains that if you marinade meat it will become more tender; caramelise it and you'll seal in the flavours; cook it slowly and you'll tenderise it while imbuing it with the flavours of the other ingredients. The book is divided into three sections: 'Essentials' (which considers taste combinations, equipment and balance in a meal), 'Ingredients' (which covers buying, storing, preparing and serving) and 'Cooking Techniques' (which considers the different ways in which ingredients can be cooked). Recipes are used to demonstrate the points, making this an inspirational cookbook as well as an invaluable kitchen handbook.


Essentials; ingredients; technique.