Intergenerational Equity : Corporate and Financial Leadership

Intergenerational Equity : Corporate and Financial Leadership

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Full Description

Exploring a topic of growing importance that has scant coverage, Intergenerational Equity brings to the fore a comprehensive discussion of intergenerational predicaments. The book explores how corporate and financial social responsibility can leverage intergenerational harmony through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).A warming earth under climate change, overindebtedness crises and demographic aging of a Western world population are putting pressure on future generations. Transparency and accountability are key for monitoring corporate and financial social responsibility in the interplay of public and private actors to ensure a sustainable humankind and intergenerational harmony. The author discusses the human constituents of responsibility and the international emergence of CSR, paying special attention to global governance multi-stakeholder partnerships. The rise of SRI in the international arena in the wake of stakeholder activism and intrinsic socio-psychological motives of socially responsible investors are also outlined and the role of leadership, trust and managerial ethics accentuated.Scholars, executives and readers motivated by the desire to improve corporate and financial market activities will benefit from this insightful and valuable book.

Table of Contents

List of figures                            vii
List of tables viii
Acknowledgments ix
1 Introduction 1 (6)
2 Intergenerational equity 7 (6)
3 Eternal equity in the fin de millenaire 13 (13)
3.1 Overindebtedness 13 (2)
3.2 Demographic aging 15 (2)
3.3 Global commons and climate change 17 (3)
3.4 Intergenerational equity as a natural 20 (6)
behavioral law
4 Social responsibility 26 (33)
4.1 Social responsibility within markets 39 (5)
4.2 Corporate social responsibility 44 (5)
4.3 The value of CSR 49 (4)
4.4 International differences 53 (6)
5 Global governance 59 (31)
5.1 Public private partnerships 61 (2)
5.2 CSR as a multi-stakeholder management 63 (2)
5.3 The United Nations Global Compact 65 (7)
5.4 The Global Alliance for Information 72 (18)
and Communication Technologies and
6 Socially responsible investment 90
6.1 Forms 90 (4)
6.2 Stakeholders 94